Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Woo Hoo - March 6, 2012

Dear Family!!!
Sorry this will be another short one. We are here in Asunción again today, this time attending the temple. That is also why you didn`t get an email yesterday, rather today. Woops. Last night we had to travel through the night and we will be getting home in Pilar late tonight. That was interesting to hear about all of the Amazing Race in Paraguay things. To be honest, I haven`t heard of any of those places really, haha. The big fruit market that they went to maybe, is it called Mercado Abasto? I know that one if it is.
Elders Snow & Shaw with Servin Family

Brother & Sister Servin, Elder Snow & Elder Shaw

Anywho, in this letter I am trying to send some long overdue fotos from the Servin baptism as well as some fotos from Gabriela´s baptism this week! Woo hoo. It went really well. She is a great girl and both her and her mom seemed very happy with the baptism.

Gabriela's Baptism
These past few weeks Elder Shaw and I have been working really hard to find new investigators, but haven`t had a whole lot of success. Yesterday we found some really great new investigators that seem like they will progress. It seems to happen like that a lot of times, for weeks we can`t find anyone then all at once we find a lot of great new people. That happened with Elder Curtis in my last area. I think that sometimes the Lord tests us to see how much we are willing to give, how far we can push ourselves. I know that if we do our part, the Lord will fill in the gap.

This past week I finished the Book of Mormon again in Spanish. At the start of the year, I was about half way through and I set a goal to finish the Book of Mormon and read it all the way through again before July. So I just restarted reading this week and am on pace to do it. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I love it.

The temple today was really great. It`s always a real blessing to go to the temple and to feel the special spirit there. It`s amazing the difference that one can feel between being in and outside of the temple. It is the house of the Lord.

Anyway, I`m gonna pass the computer off to Elder Shaw because there aren`t any computers open and we are sharing this one. But I love you all so much!!!

Elder Snow

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