Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, February 27, 2012

Miracles Far Outweigh the Tough Moments - February 27,2012

Dear Family,

Sorry, I don`t have very much time to write today. We are in Asunción for a leadership council and we have to catch a bus back to Pilar really soon so this will be a quick one.

We have had an up and down week. This past couple of weeks we have been working very hard but haven`t been seeing many of the fruits from it. Yesterday, however, we did see several really great blessings and things are looking up. This week we have the baptism planned for Gabriela and it seems like everything should go through great this time. Gabriela and her mom made it to church yesterday and we had the mom sign the permission slip so it seems like everything will go as planned.

Last week I had written a little bit about Lorena. She is the girlfriend of a less active member. This past week she started to progress again and we put a new fecha with her for the 10th of March. However, yesterday she didn`t make it to church and we weren`t able to visit her after so we aren`t sure what is going on there.

Yesterday one of the great miracles that we saw was that Hector made it to church. Hector is the boyfriend of a member (luckily they don`t live together). When we first started to share with him he was doing great, progressing very well. But then we weren`t able to find him for a while and he started taking a night class so we couldn`t teach him. All last week we had a goal to get a new person in church (apart from the progressing investigators that I have already written about). We worked hard up until sacrament meeting Sunday, but didn`t have anyone new there. Then just as Sacrament meeting started, Hector showed up with his girlfriend`s brother (who is a returned missionary) and attended church. It was a great tender mercy from the Lord to reward us for the hard work we had put in. Afterwards we had a lesson with Hector and his girlfriend, Nelida, and Nelida´s brother Marcos (the RM). The lesson went really well and Hector recommitted to do his part to find out if it is the truth. He accepted a baptismal date for the 17th if God helps him to know that it is the truth. So we are excited for that.

All in all, there are some rough days, but the miracles we see far outweigh the tough moments. I really love my companion, Elder Shaw. He is very upbeat and can always make me laugh and excited to work hard. He is a great blessing.

Some other great news from today. At the leader´s council I met up with Elder Curtis (I love him). He passed on the good news that Ana María from Costa Bonita was baptized this past week. It was exciting to hear. Also, Elder Curtis´ younger brother is going to the Chile Concepción mission, where Brother and Sister Kimball will be serving. Except Elder Curtis' brother leaves the MTC next week for South America. So him and the Kimballs will see each other in South America!

I really love you all so much and appreciate everything that you do for me.

Mom, you had asked a couple of questions...

My shoes are actually holding up pretty well. I don`t know if I have mentioned, but in Pilar we are on bikes and there is no empedrado so it doesn`t kill my shoes as fast.

I know that this is the true church. I am so blessed to be a member of it. I hope you all do great this week! Love you!

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