Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Lord is Paying Off Our Efforts Big Time - March 12, 2011

Dear Family!

So great to hear from you this week. It has been a great week. The Lord has been paying our efforts off big time. The past 2 weeks we had struggled a little bit to find new investigators but the Lord is sending many miracles our way to help work among His children here in Pilar.

After the trip to the temple on Tuesday, we did divisions with a district leader from our zone and his companion. Elder Davis came back to Pilar with me and we worked here on Wednesday. We found a couple of great new people and the Lord blessed us greatly. On Wednesday night (for like the third night in a row) we were traveling and then on Thursday I was back with Elder Shaw. After all of the traveling we were a little pooped out but we got out there and worked anyway. The Lord really helped us to continue onward. This past week I have been studying a lot about Christ like attributes and it has helped me to complain less and trust more in the Lord. I have noticed a difference and I know that trying to become more like Christ is such an important goal in our lives.

On Friday we had a pretty cool experience in the morning. We left our pension in the morning and were on our way to where we had planned (it wasn`t a confirmed appointment). On the way we rode past a man that was sitting outside. At first we just cruised by him. Then almost at the same time Elder Shaw and I turned around on the bikes to contact him. It was cool how we both felt the same impression to go back. We sat down to teach him and the lesson went really well. His name is Max and he had shared with missionaries a long time ago in AsunciĆ³n but has not met with them since. Max was raised Catholic but about 5 years ago at age 50 he converted to an Evangelical Church and really wants to know which church is true. He also noticed how we had kind of passed him then we turned around to go back and talk to him. He said that the Spirit had told us to go back. It`s the truth.

Dad had asked a little bit about Gabriela´s family. She lives alone with her mom. Her mom is also a member that was baptized in another town over 10 years ago. She was inactive when we found them but has attended church every week with Gabriela.

I love this work. I am so grateful for the blessing to be here in the mission. I love you all. have a great week!

Elder Snow

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