Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, March 19, 2012

How Cool is That! - March 19,2012

Dear Family,

It was really neat to hear this week about the baptisms in the stake! Thanks for sharing a couple of those special experiences. I was thinking about the de Ruyter family a few months ago. That is such a blessing that Sister de Ruyter was baptized. I imagine that Brother de Ruyter was pretty content. He is a really great man, I feel bad for giving him a rough time in my Sophomore year of seminary. I`m glad that Melanie is a much better seminary student than I was. What an example of the miracles of missionary work. I know that this is the Lord`s work and that His hand guides and directs it.

This week we have been working a lot to find more new investigators. We have been struggling a little bit with getting the new investigators in church, however. This week we really want to work better with the members so that the investigators can leap that hurdle and make it to church. We found a great family that we have been teaching. The dad´s name is Ipórito. He is an elderly man, he´s probably around 65 years old. His wife passed away and he lives with one of his daughters, Liz, and some of his grandchildren. Ipórito and Liz received us very well and we taught them about the Restoration. It was amazing how they paid very close attention and showed true interest in the message. The Spirit was very strong during the part of the first vision of Joseph Smith. We introduced the Book of Mormon and left a part for them to read. By the next visit, Ipórito had read and was already developing a testimony of its truthfulness. He used to be very active in the Catholic church but has since doubted that the Catholic church is true for deception that he felt from some of its members and leaders. He is a sincere person looking for the truth. Ipórito and his daughters weren´t able to make it to church, however. We will continue working with them.

Yesterday we had the District Conference here in Pilar. President and Sister Callan came and spoke along with several members from the Pilar District. Most of the meeting´s theme was on the family. It was really neat to hear the members´ testimonies about their families and how important their families are to them. President Callan talked a lot on prophets and the blessing of having a living prophet today. He shared experiences of how he has gained a testimony that there is a living prophet today on earth.

One cool experience from a couple of weeks ago that I had forgotten to mention. Last month when Elder Shaw and I went to Asunción for the leadership council with the zone leaders, when we were waiting in the terminal in Asunción for a bus to come back to Pilar I saw Eduardo Calderón. Eduardo is the convert of Elder Bonilla and I from a while back. I was able to talk to him for a little bit and it was really good to catch up. He is doing very well. The coolest thing though is that just that Saturday he had the opportunity to baptize his older sister. He gave me a picture of the baptism with him and his sister dressed in white. How cool is that! Back when Eduardo got baptized, the rest of his family wasn´t very interested but he was able to help her make it to the waters of baptism. It was a really cool moment that helped me to remember what the mission is all about.

I am grateful for all of you!! Thanks for everything, for all of your support. Have a great week!

Elder Snow

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