Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, July 25, 2011

Power Walk Like Champ! - July 25, 2011

Dear Family!

Well it`s so great to hear from you again and to hear about all the news from the week. 
So you had the annual Pioneer Day Party? I remember going to that last year. It must have been like only a week or two before I took off, huh? Time flies. I remember the water balloon competition where Mason and Chip won and then had like a mid-air celebration hug. Haha, they`re so funny.
Sounds like mom has been running a bunch. I would probably die if I ran that much, but I power walk like a champ. Even with the empedrado. To answer your question, empedrado is what they have on pretty much all the roads here. It`s not really like cobblestone. It`s more like a ton of big rocks cemented into dirt. It`s not the smoothest road, so it kills my shoes. I`ll have to send a picture of it some time. Speaking of pictures, I`m sending some pics of my shoes.

We`ve had a great week here in good `ole Puerto Pabla. We`ve been working hard and trying to find lots of new people to teach. We have found some really great people that I believe will progress. Yesterday, the investigators that really needed to go to church weren`t able to make it. We have had some really great weather this week and so I figured that a nice, sunny morning would help them to go. But I think we need to keep working and help them understand the need to go to church and how it will help them to receive more revelation and progress towards baptism.
Another thing that is so important to help investigators go to church is the work with the members. It`s so much easier to make the transition and to feel comfortable going to church if there is a friend. For example, yesterday the people that we have been working with the most didn`t go to church. A couple of investigators that made it are people that we really haven`t worked very much with but their friend invited and took them there. The friends that took them to church are this amazing couple named Jorge and Betty. They aren`t members but practically are. They have been attending church for about 6 years and have super strong testimonies and are so ready for baptism, but are waiting for a divorce so that they can get married and baptized. They are such great missionaries and are always sharing about the gospel with their friends, even though they still aren`t members. They have a son, Hugo, who is a member and he is such a great young man too. Anyway, this family invited and took a couple of Hugo`s friends to church yesterday and they really enjoyed it. We will work with them and I really believe that they will progress.
This week I have been studying a lot in the Book of Mormon and searching for how we can find more peace and joy in our lives. It is a question that many investigators and members ask, and the Book of Mormon has so many answers. 
I was studying a lot in Mosiah 2 and 4. Something that really stuck out to me is the emphasis on how those that keep the commandments of God are happier. They are blessed spiritually and temporally. In chapter 4 there are a couple of great verses that mention the joy that comes from having a remission of sins and a clear mind and conscious. It is so true that we have and feel so much more joy when we are repented and living the commandments of God. I have seen so many times in my mission the joy that people find from keeping the commandments. I have seen it in my own life. I also love Alma 36, where Alma is telling Helaman the story of his conversion. I love how through the Atonement of Christ we can receive the remission of our sins and find this happiness. I am so grateful for Him and for having done that so that we can be happy.

So this week is also the week of changes. There are actually some surprises. Drum roll..... Elder Geary is going to train!! I`m so pumped for him. He is very prepared and will be such a great trainer. So that means that I`m leaving after just 1 change in Puerto Pabla. I still don`t know where I`m going but I will be serving as a zone leader. President Callan called while I was shaving this morning and was talking to Elder Geary for a while. Then I got out of the bathroom and he talked to me and told me that the Lord has called me to serve as a zone leader. I`m pretty excited. It`s kind of sad that I`ll have to leave Puerto Pabla after just one change, it`s such a great area. I`ll miss Elder Geary too, he`s been a great companion and we`ve grown really close.  But I`m excited to go to a new area and be able to serve the people there. 

Well that`s about all I`ve got for this week. I love you all so much. I hope you have a great week.

Elder Snow

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