Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cuando Hay Amor - July 4, 2011

Dear Family,

Wow it was really great to get a nice, long letter from a bunch of you! I`m glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that no one died on the collapsing ice bridge, that sounds kind of scary. It sounds like it`s starting to heat up a little bit up there. Whew it`s getting really cold down here. I`ve had to use my suit jacket and my big winter jacket together for the last couple of days. I`m like shivering as I type this email right now haha. But no worries, I`m here in Paraguay in the work of the Lord! I really enjoy being with Elder Geary, whenever I start to complain, he always reminds me "Wow we are so blessed to be here, huh?" And it`s true, Elder Geary is a champ.

Speaking of Elder Geary, we had a funny realization the other day. We were walking in the street and we hear kind of some shouts or an argument from a house nearby. He started singing "Cuando hay amor" which is "Love at Home." Haha it reminded me of Mom always singing Love at Home whenever someone fights a little bit. I told Elder Geary that my mom would always sing that and he said his mom did exactly the same.

Just so you know Mom, I really love you lots! I am very grateful for being raised in a gospel centered home. I know that there is always more love in the home when we are following the teachings of Jesus Christ, so I`m grateful that I was blessed with parents to teach me the gospel.

Anyway, it`s been a really great week here. We`ve been working hard to help people to progress towards baptism. On Saturday, we had a bunch of people committed to go to church and the day went great. Yesterday we had a little bit of disappointment because Adolfo and Nelson didn`t make it. Adolfo had a baptismal date for the 9th and Nelson for the 16th so it was important for them to go. We will keep working with them. They are both really great and have the desires to be baptized. We just need to help them understand the importance of their committments and help them know that they are making committments with God, not us, the missionaries.

Some really good news is that the entire Mesa family made it to church yesterday, that was so awesome. Brother Mesa is doing much better and from the last time that we asked him on Saturday, he hasn`t smoked or drinked (drank? drunken? my English is terrible) in almost a week. We are hoping and praying that they can be baptized on the 16th.

It was great to hear from Grandma and Grandpa, thanks for writing! I really appreciated your notes.

You`ll have to tell Jake Adams hey for me. I wrote him in Colombia while I was still in Santa Rita a while ago, but I don`t know if it got to him. I`m sure he`s having a great time adjusting back to normal life, whew that`s gonna be weird.

I love you all very much and always love hearing from you!

I know that this is the work of the Lord. I feel so blessed to be a missionary. I`m very grateful for the Spirit. I was reading a conferene talk this morning by Elder Bednar (I love his talks) about the Spirit of Revelation. I know that what he said about receiving a gradual answer to the truth is true for me. I feel very grateful towards the Lord for having blessed me with constant assurances of the truth. Thanks for being so great. I love you all lots!

Elder Snow

P.S. I threw in a picture of Elder Durrant and I at the leaders conference. I saw Elder Merrill there too. They`re great Elders. Notice my comb over, What!!!!
Elder Snow and Elder Durrant

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