Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Empedrado is a Shoe Killer - July 18, 2011

Dear Fam!

Hey, how`s everyone doing? I`m doing great down here in the jungles (ehh, not really) of Paraguay. We`ve had a great week filled with missionary work and Copa Amèrica. Wow, I don`t even want to imagine how the World Cup was here because the American Cup is pretty crazy. Paraguay has been playing the last couple of weeks. This week they had a couple of games and it just about shut down missionary work yesterday because they were playing Brazil. It`s pretty crazy, everytime something good happens for Paraguay everyone goes crazy and you can hear it in all the country. So they beat Brazil yesterday and were going wild here. So now there will be another game some time this week so that day might be a little bit tougher as well.

But nonetheless we`ve had a nice week! This week we found this sweet family and started teaching them. They are super prepared and really sincere. We found them by asking references from their neighbor and then we contacted them a bit later. The family is a young couple, and they have a 3 year old daughter. His name is Minchu and her name is Rosana. We taught them the first time about lesson 1 and then in the second visit we taught about the Book of Mormon. They are a really united family and really have a good family sense about them. At the end of the second lesson we had, they asked the question about why God permits that there is suffering and why bad things happen to good people. So we left them with 2 Nephi 2. When we went back they had read it all twice and gave like a perfect summary. And they were really happy to find the answer and understood it really well. They didn`t make it to church this week, but we`re excited for next week!

To answer a little bit about the shoes. Mom asked which shoes are toast. Uhh, both pairs. The empedrado is a shoe killer. I actually went to a shoe repair guy last week and he is going to put a new sole on my eccos. I`m going to pick them up soon so we`ll see how that turned out. The Hush Puppies are worn out on bottom too and have a big hole in the sole. 

That`s really funny that the missionary in the ward knows Elder Geary. Elder Geary says he knows him as well. He also says that of course Burley won the games every time, hah! Small world, eh?

Another small world moment from this week. In our district we have a companionship of sisters. This week we went to their area to do a baptismal interview. One of the sisters is from Colombia and she said she was in one of the Bogotà missions. So I told her that I have a cousin that served in Bogotà, but I didn`t remember which mission. So she asked me what his name was, and I told her Elder Adams. And she`s like "Elder Adams, from Arizona, I know him!" Haha so I guess Jake served in her area. She said he would remember the Familia Paipa from his first area. She`s in my mission know and we`re in the same district. Small world.

We are continuing to work with Nelson. He didn`t make it to church yesterday and said it was because of the rain. It`s been a little bit frustrating, but I really believe that he will take the step to be baptized in the near future. He really is so prepared and has a testimony of the church. I know that he will receive so many blessings by taking the step to be baptized and I really hope he can do so soon.

We have also seen a lot of progress this week with Arnaldo. I don`t remember if I`ve mentioned him at all. He is the son of the Mesa family. He is super prepared and a really great person. He is 19 and really likes to read the Book of Mormon. This week we watched the video of the Restoration with him and the Spirit was really strong. He believes the church is true and wants to be baptzed. Now we just need to get him to church too!

I`m very grateful for this work and I`m happy to be here. I love you all so much and I am very grateful for your support. Everytime I see Hermana Callan she tells me that I`m lucky to have a great family that writes me great letters and loves me. It`s true! You are all so great. I love you too!

Elder Snow

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