Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Area is... Costa Bonita - August 1, 2011

Dear Family!
Before anything else, Happy Birthday this week to Dad!! The big 5-0. Woo hoo!!! You`re getting closer and closer to golfing your age. But`s it got to be on 18 holes, come on now. Haha, I love you lots, Dad.
Sorry I`m writing a little bit later this week. This morning we had a Leadership Council meeting for all of the zone leaders and the assistants. So we took a bus to the mission office this morning and ended not too long ago, so I am going to try to shoot you all a quick email.
So my new area is..... Costa Bonita! Wooo hooo!! It`s actually just across the street from Puerto Pabla, it`s the bordering area so basically I just crossed the street. It`s a different zone though, it`s zone 4. My companion is Elder Love. It`s kind of funny because I had just replaced Elder Love in Puerto Pabla. He was Elder Geary`s trainer and had left from Puerto Pabla to Costa Bonita just the change before me. So I feel like I already know him pretty well. Elder Love is from Mesa, Arizona. He`s a champ. He is a really hard worker and has a great love for the people. He has been out on the mission for 10 and a half months, so we have almost the same time. Speaking of that, I am going to hit a year this week. Crazyyy. The time really is going by fast. The crazy thing is that each change keeps going faster and faster. I am so glad that I still have a year to be a missionary and serve the Lord. It`s such short time really.
So this morning we had the leadership council to talk about the month that just ended and talk about the month upcoming. It was such an awesome meeting. I can`t explain how strong the spirit was. I know that this Church is true. I`m so grateful to be a member of it and to be able to help others to find the true church on Earth.
My new area is definitely a little bit different than Puerto Pabla. Puerto Pabla is one of the stronger wards that exists in probably the whole country and there are lots of members. In Costa Bonita there are tons of members as well, but many are inactive. There are a few families that are very active here but apart from them there aren`t too many. So we will be working a lot to help inactive members come back and work with the investigators as well.
There are a couple of awesome investigators in my new area. Yesterday at church, the dad of a family that we are teaching attended and really enjoyed it. The Family`s name is the Aquino Family. They are passing through some pretty tough times right now because he lost his job and they have some debt. Elder Love and his old companion had been teaching them for a while, but they hadn`t made it to church yet. So we were really excited that Brother Aquino made it yesterday. They are a family with great faith and I have the faith that they will be baptized.
We are also teaching an man named Hugo Bordón. He is super funny. He has attended church two times before, but didn`t make it yesterday. He already has kind of a testimony that the church is true, but isn`t sure whether it`s the only true church on Earth. So we are working with him to help him grow in his testimony. We have been teaching him a lot about prayer. I am so grateful for prayer. I love knowing that we can communicate with Heavenly Father. Today in the Leadership Meeting the prayers really touched me a lot. There was a moment at the end when President Callan asked a couple of missionaries to share their testimonies. The Spirit was so incredible. We all knelt to close with a prayer and it was just an incredible feeling. I know that God loves us. I`m so grateful for Him. I`m very excited to work hard in this next year so that I can do everything I can to help others also feel how I do.
On a lighter note, I saw Elder Merrill again! Elder Merrill was just called to serve as a zone leader this last change as well, so I saw him at the terminal and then again today at the leadership meeting. He is living with Elder Durrant, who is serving as the Asistant now. Crazy! Haha He`s such a stud.

The birthday party for Great Grandma sounded pretty fun. What day exactly is her birthday? The big 99, she`s amazing. I tell people all the time that I have a great grandma that`s 99, they are pretty impressed. So you should tell Grandma Ann that she`s got some fans here in Paraguay.
Welp, I`ve gotta run, but I love you all so much. The church is true, this is the Lord`s work!
Elder Snow

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