Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, August 22, 2011

Juntos Para Siempre - August 22, 2011

Dear family,

Thanks for sending such a great letter. Haha I laughed when I read what Dad said about Mom writing a lot. He wasn`t kidding though, Mom wrote a letter almost as long as a Harry Potter book. Haha I`m just kidding, Mom. Just so you know, I really like the long letters. I appreciate so much hearing about what`s going on at home and how everyone is doing. Thanks for being so great!
I really enjoyed hearing about girl`s camp and that everyone is doing well. It`s good to hear about members of the stake who are also helping out and it always brings back good memories. There are some great saints in the Newbury Park Stake! I was happy to hear about the Bennetts, they really are a special family. Please say hi to Sister Bennett for me the next time you see her. And I hope Brother Bennett is doing really well! He wrote the letter for the stake high council that I got last week, it was really great! I always like reading those letters from the stake high council, they are very uplifting.
So hopefully with this letter I can inspire you all as much as you inspire me. Uh oh... I don`t know, tough task because you are all pretty inspirational. I`ll do my best.
So it`s been another solid week. Elder Love and I have been working hard to help people come to church and hopefully have some baptisms this month. We did two divisions for two days each this week, so actually I`ve barely seen Elder Love. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I stayed in my area and Elder Fernelius, one of the district leaders in our zone came over for a division. Then on Thursday and Friday we did divisions with another district leader, and I stayed in my area with Elder Whaley. So it`s been a pretty crazy week all around.
So the first division was with Elder Fernelius. He is a stud missionary and we worked really hard to find new people. We taught a really good lesson with one investigator that we found just last Sunday. I can`t remember if I mentioned it or not in my letter last week, but last Sunday we did a family home evening with a member in our ward. We invited her to invite a couple of her friends to come over to her house and watch the video Juntos Para Siempre. In English I think it`s called Together Forever, I`m not sure. So this member, Sister Benitez, invited a couple of her friends over and we watched the movie and it turned out really well. One of the friends she invited over was Estela, who really enjoyed the video and had more questions about the church. So on Tuesday, Elder Fernelius and I visited Estela with our ward mission leader to teach her some more. It went really well and we are excited to keep visiting her. She is kind of tough to get a hold of is the only thing.
We also taught a man named Jorge who we had found last Sunday as well. We taught about the Restoration because he had questions about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. When we got to the part of the Restoration and the story of Joseph Smith, it was my turn to teach. So I was teaching about Joseph Smith and it was a really great experience because the Spirit was really strong. I knew in that moment that these things are true, that Joseph Smith really was a true prophet. I`m very grateful to know that and for having received that testimony from Heavenly Father. It was great because Jorge also felt that it was true. He said that it felt right, because his ¨corazoncito¨told him that it was true. It was a cool experience.
Then the second division was with Elder Whaley. Elder Whaley is from Colorado and he has been out in the mission field for 3 weeks. He is in his first change. That was an incredible experience. It made me want to train so bad, I hope I will be able to train some day. It definitely reminded me of my first couple of changes where I mostly just nodded my head, smiled, and pretended like I had a clue what was going on. But Elder Whaley is so great and really wants to share the gospel. I`m excited to have him in this zone to watch him progress and blossom into a great missionary.
With Elder Whaley we taught a great lesson to another friend of Sister Benitez. We planned to teach another one of her friends and passed by her house on Thursday night. She invited over her friend, Librada, who moved to this area not to long ago. Librada`s mom died almost a year ago, so she has a lot of questions about family and the Plan of Salvation. So we taught her a little about how God wants us to have families forever and how it is possible though His plan. It went really well, the Spirit was very strong and she definitely felt the spirit.
So that is what`s going on here. We are working with Alvaro and getting him ready for his baptism this week. He attended church yesterday and it went really well. He is really excited and we are super excited for him. woo hoo! So hopefully I`ll be able to send some bautismo pics next week.
I love you all so much! I know that the church is true. Thanks for being so great and for always being a great support. I love you!!!!
Elder Snow

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