Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Exactly Where I Need to Be Right Now - September 7, 2010

Hey Family!

It's always so great to get your letters. It's fun to hear all the updates from what is going on back home. 

Tuesday, we heard from Richard G. Hinckley. He did an awesome job. One thing he said that I really liked was that the part from his mission that was the most important to him, and was the best part, was being able to see the lives that he changed. I really think it is amazing how the gospel can change lives and I can't wait to see it change the lives of people in Paraguay. Elder Hinckley also talked about President Hinckley a little bit. There was a question and answer at the end for about 10 minutes and one elder asked him to tell the most important thing he learned from his dad. His response was to work hard, to be dedicated to something you love, and to live your life as an expression of your faith. His wife talked about optimism as a missionary. She was very upbeat and awesome.

On Wednesday, not too much happened. My journal enty on that day is pretty short. I haven't been taking many pictures in response to your question, but I have been writing in my journal each day so that is an accomplishment I guess. We can only take pictures on p-day and Sunday temple walks. 

On Thursday, I started getting sick. It was kind of a bummer. Our entire district has been fighting it this week. It's definitely more difficult to stay totally focused when I'm sick, and I was feeling kinda crappy, but it wasn't as bad as a couple other missionaries in our district. One had pneumonia, bronchitis, and a fever all at the same time and he had to stay in the dorm for the last week and rest up. And I'm starting to feel better now so that's good. But one cool thing is that whenever I need to focus and whenever I'm practicing a lesson, I am able to really focus and I know that the Lord is helping me.

We also watched a video of Elder Holland giving an MTC devotional about 10 years ago. It was very similar to the talk he gave 2 weeks ago, but there was a part I really liked about why things are difficult in the church. He said he thinks it is because salvation isn't cheap and it wasn't easy for the Savior. We have to work hard and struggle in order to understand what the Savior went through and so we can understand him better.

On Friday, we had a cool LGM (Large Group Meeting) about using the BOM (Book of Mormon) and the spirit to convert people. The Book of Mormon is so powerful. It has answers for our day. I learn something important everytime I read it and I love to read it as well. One thing I liked from reading this week is in Ether 12:2 I think (top of my head, hope that's right) and it talks about how Ether couldn't be restrained from speaking because of the power of the Spriit that was in him. I think that is a good goal for all of us. I want to be at the level where my testimony is so strong that I have to share it.

We had another good experience in the TRC (Teaching Resource Center). I can always feel the spirit when we teach a lesson to a fake investigator there, and my Spanish always seems so great when we are doing that.

On Saturday, yes I could hear the cheers from the stadium everytime something exciting happened. It made me miss home and BYU a lot more. I couldn't help but thinking back to last year and going to all the games with Dan and some with Lyse. But I love being here and I know this is exactly where I need to be right now.

On Sunday, we had our mission conference because it was Fast Sunday. The mission presidency and their wives all spoke. They all did a great job and were very inspirational. One thing I was thinking about while we were singing A Poor, Wayfaring Man of Grief (one of Dad's fave's I know) was that the Atonement is a two-way thing. It may seem to be difficult to give some of our time to serving Christ, but in reality he gave his literal life for us. Also, if we are mindful of the gospel, Christ is mindful of us. And if we take his name upon us, he will vouch for us by his name at judgment. I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the role it has played in my life. I know that anyone can become clean throught he Atonement no matter what, and I can not wait to share that fact with the people of Paraguay.

Elder Snow

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