Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Got My Travel Plans & Pumped For Conference - September 28, 2010

Hey Family!

It's always great to hear from you guys. 

Starting next week, I'll probably be the one complaining about heat. Hopefully it isn't too bad in Paraguay right now, but who knows.

Last Tuesday at the devotional, we heard from Paul Johnson. He did a great job and talked about how to understand and teach spiritual things, it must be done by the spirit. Also, in order to learn and teach by the spirit, we have to do our part and keep the commandments. I think I already talked to you guys about this, but he shared 1 Nephi 15. Where Laman and Lemuel can't understand the meaning of the natural branches of the olive tree. The first thing Nephi asks is "have you inquired of the Lord?". If we really want to learn something, we have to show Heavenly Father that we are keeping his commandments (like prayer) and trying to understand. Also, we have the prophets (like Nephi) to help us out.

On Wednesday, I don't have much in my journal. The days are really blurred together because we do the same thing almost every day and so there isn't really a way to have a reference point.

Thursday, I got my travel plans. So I leave Monday at 10:00 AM from the MTC I think my flight is at like 1. Then I'll fly to Dallas and land there at like 4 Dallas time. Then I'll have a 3 hour layover till 7 (so probs like 2-5 your time). So I'll have plenty of time to call you all. Then I fly from Dallas to Buenos Aires. I thought there would be one other layover then a flight to Paraguay, but I don't have any other flights, so I think I'll just be taking a GIANT bus ride from Buenos Aires to Asuncion. They aren't that close so that might be a nice, fun drive. But I'm still excited, all the same. 

On Thursday, we also went to the Referral Center again. We hadn't been able to go for like 3 weeks because they changed some rule  I think. But it was great to go back. I talked to one person in Sapnish for about 25 minutes and it went really well. I had to ask him to repeat himself quite a bit, but overall it was very good. I helped him get the missionary's numbers in the area where he is moving and talked to him about the gift of tongues. He is a little bit along in the discussions I think.

I talked to another guy that was like 22 years old I think. He had some family problems and he told me that his grandma died a couple years ago. So I told him all about what we know and I shared some scriptures from Alma 40. The spirit was very strong and he told me it felt like this was what God wanted him to know and that he felt lots of joy when I talked to him. It was awesome. I asked him if he wanted to talk w/ some missionaries (he lived in like Illinois I think) and he said yes. So I clicked the "send the reps!" button. Hopefully they are able to find him and talk to him b/c he was moving soon. I told him I would call him back, but I forgot to write down his #. I was bumming. So I hope all works out alright.

Friday the TRC (Teaching Resource Center) was good. We taught an "investigator" that was a student at BYU learning Spanish so E. Durrant and I both spoke better than her so it wasn't as great as usual, but the Spirit was the same.

On Sunday we had Mission Conference. The miss presidency always speaks and it is great. One thing that really stuck with me was what Pres. Clegg said that God loves all his children. He chooses to see the good, and chooses to ignore the bad. He shared a really awesome experience he had when he gave a blessing to a young women who had a drug problem and how during the blessing the love from Heavenly Father was so aparent.

I've never been so pumped for General Conference. It will be a great way to end my time in the MTC. I feel like I've been doing a good job of keeping myself focused, but it's always difficutl to avoid counting down days. I always feel so blessed when I read your e-mails and I love you all very much.

Love you all lots,
Elder Snow

P.S. Tell Aunt Karen thanks for the package. I don't have her address and this is my last week so I wouldn't be able to write her today.

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