Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baptism Last Week - October 18, 2010

Dear Family,

Before I forget, my p day next week will be on Tuesday instead of Monday because we are going to the temple! I´m pretty pumped for the temple trip. I took for granted being able to go every week in the MTC and I´m super excited for it. So when you don´t get an email from me next Monday, no worries it´ll just be a day later.

I realized that in my letter last week I forgot to tell you guys about the baptism last week. We ended up only having one. His name is Cristian Silva and he is about 20. He is dating a member and he had been talking the discussions with Elder Bonilla and his past companion. The baptism was awesome and I felt the Spirit very strong. The other 3 didn´t happen. It was going to be a dad, Victor, and his two daughters, Yessica and Macarena. The mom is already a member. But the parents aren´t married and so they were going to get married before the baptism and then all would be well with the law of chastity and what not. Everything seemed fine through Thursday but then on Friday Victor was telling us that his mom is Catholic and doesn´t want him to get baptized. Then it kind of turned into, well and I´m Catholic and I don´t really want this. Since then we´ve given them a little time. We talked to them again yesterday and I think we are going to start visiting them regularly again. I really hope that all goes well there.

I´ll talk about a couple of other investigators we are talking with now also. One is kind of a cool story. When we were walking and doing street contacts almost a week ago, this teenage kid named Eduardo, I think he´s 18, came up to us and said, hey I´ve read the entire BOM and I want to get baptized. And Elder Bonilla and I kind of looked at each other and are like, alright! We´ve talked to him a couple times since and he has a baptismal date for the 6th of Nov. We might try to push it up to the 30th of October because we think he is ready. He is a pretty awesome kid, he came to church this week, and all is going well.

Another good investigator we have is named Juan Ramon. Kind of similiar, he and his friend Elena called us over to the porch one night while we were passing on the street. It started out as kind of a gossip session about Elena´s crazy sister who lives with her haha, but we turned it into a gospel discussion. The next time we met, the committed to get baptized on the 6th of November. We´ll see how everything goes. Juan Ramon is a really good guy, he helps out his mom all the time and does a good job of keeping his commitments.

There is another family we are working with. The parents are German and Sunilda and they have two kids, Victoria and Gerardo. They´ve been progressing well and were very excited to come to church this Sunday, but ended up not coming. We were a little disappointed, but that happens. He had to work because the person who was going to work for him couldn´t do it.

This week I´ve been working very hard to love the people as much as I can. The most spiritual lessons that we´ve had, have been when I´ve really focused on the needs of the investigators and how I can work through the spirit to help each one of them, as the child of God that they are.

So that´s just a couple. We are very busy. It´s nice we never have to do any tracting. The people are so interested in religion we can talk with almost anyone so we have appointments all day long. But we do need to focus a lot on finding still so that we can find the people who are prepared at this moment to hear the gospel.

All in all, we work very hard. But 10:30 each night I´m out just as soon as my head hits the pillow pretty much, haha.

This week we have one baptism commitment, but I´m pretty sure it´s not going to go down. It is this other investigator named Christian, there are a lot of Christians haha. But he has to quit smoking and still hasn´t done so, so... we´ll have to keep working with him.

Sounds like BYU got killed, sigh. But that´s alright, sounds like they´re improving, kind of. I´m with you, Mason, go Rangers! I hate all of the other teams left, hah.

Sounds like you had another busy week. Congrats to Olivia Dowd for the baptism, Baldwins on the reception, Dad for getting through the tax season, Lauren for singing awesome, and everything cool that happened.

Good to hear you sent Lyse a package. Happy Birthday Lyse! and late Happy Birthday to Kim and Dan! Love you all. I sent Lyse a letter last week, from what I hear it will take almost a month, so... that will be a while.

So this week I talked to a missionary in my district that knows Jake Adams! I guess they were in the same MTC district. A bunch of the Colombian missionaries and Paraguay missionaries were together. Also one of the office elders knows him really well. His name is Elder Dance and he is cousins with Jake´s gf/ I have no idea what the status is there.

In answer to Mom´s question, I have no idea about what I need in a birthday package. Anything would be just great. The postage is nuts. One of the other elders I live with just got a package last week, which took two months to get here, and his parents paid like 100 bucks to ship it. Yikes. So I have no idea. Maybe a couple of spiral notebooks would be nice. Some candy. There is peanut butter here, so no worries there.

I´m working hard to continually put my trust in the Lord. It is true what the missionary that just reported said, we must put our trust in the Lord because no matter how great our abilities we may or may not have, with him anything is possible.

Love you all lots!
Elder Snow

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