Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Letter From MTC! - August 10, 2010

Elder Spencer Call & Elder Snow

Dear Fam!

First of all, Happy Birthday, Mason! I got your letter and it almost made me cry. I miss you lots too buddy and I am sending a letter to you in the mail today, so maybe you'll get that in California when you return!
So I sent you guys a letter on the first night that I was here. We were only allowed to send one letter that first night to tell you we arrived ok but I guess you haven't received that cause you've been out of town. But after that, we are only allowed to write letters on p-days so I guess you will only be hearing from me once a week.

1) Please tell us about your initial impressions of the MTC and about your companion and district. 
From the moment that I walked into the MTC (Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah), I knew that this is where I need to be right now. The spirit here is so strong and I think I've progressed more and felt the Spirit more this week than I have in my entire life. And that's no knock on my life, it is just truly amazing here.

My comp's name is Elder Durrant. He is from Provo, Utah and he just graduated high school. I love him so much already and we have gotten along very well from the beginning. He is such a good example to me and he works hard all the time. We have been setting lots of goals and trying to keep busy constantly. I can already see the blessing of hard work. I'll talk about that a little more later. But yeah, no complaints. The only thing is I won't be prepared for the first time I have a bad companion because my companion is so great now!

The rest of my district is great too. There are 13 guys in the district. I was called to be the district leader and I can already see the blessings from that calling. I have so much love for each missionary in my district and I can tell that they are all going to be great missionaries!

2.) Have you had a chance to run into any of your friends who are at the MTC? 
The very first day when I got here I found a little note in my bag of books from Elder Call. It was great to have that and it helped me feel more at home in the first hours. Serving a mission has caused me to love all the missionaries around here like Elder Call so much more. Then the first day at dinner I ran into both Tyler and Spencer at the same time. They are doing awesome! I saw them both again today while we were doing laundry (we all have the same P-day) (Preparation Day). Tyler leaves for the Peru MTC tomorrow and he is pumped! I'm excited for him. Cameron Labar is in my branch so I see him all the time. He is such a great missionary. The changes I have seen in him are so remarkable and I am so happy and glad for him. He is a great kid. I've also seen Max Hanneman (we totally recognized/remembered each other) he told me I look like dad. haha. And I've seen like 10 other friends/people I knew from BYU so that is also comforting.

3.) How is the food? 
The food is alright. It could definitely be worse. The only thing is it all smells the same. I tried the chicken cordon bleu on Sunday but it came nowhere close to Grandma's. I should just stop eating new chicken c.b. b/c I always walk away disappointed! All in all, it's not bad. Haven't gotten sick yet so that's good I guess

4.) How do you like your instructors? 
My instructors are great and very helpful. Just this Monday we started talking only in Spanish! After five days! The improvement I have seen in such a short time in both myself and my companion is remarkable. I know that Heavenly Father is helping us both.

5.) You’ll have to tell us a little about the first day at the MTC after Dan dropped you off.
So I wrote a lot about that in my letter home so you'll have to read that. Basically we just go straight into class and start working. After dinner we did this cool thing where they hire professional actors to act as investigators and we ask them questions and practice being missionaries. I could feel the spirit so strong right away and I know that this is where I am supposed to be.

I'm sorry to hear about Brother Hawkins. They'll be in my prayers. And it's good to hear that the funeral for Sister Pace went well and that the family is at peace with her passing.

Some of my goals have been complete obedience and trying to constantly be on task.
I've already noticed the blessings of my hard work.  By the second night I was praying and bearing my testimony (not well though) in Spanish and by Friday I had it pretty well down.  Just yesterday my comp and I memorized the entire purpose of missionary work and Joseph Smith's first vision in Spanish and read a chapter in the BOM (Book of Mormon) in Spanish and worked out our plan for the 1st discussion of Preach My Gospel. What's up! But yeah, I can totally see the blessing of hard work and obedience.

My overall theme for the last week has kind of been trying to love everyone. I have been praying for help in loving everyone that I come across. On Friday night, our teacher challenged us to read our fav passages in the BOM then ask God to renew our testimonies/faith. I accepted the challenge and the next day I received guidance and an answer to how I had been praying about loving everyone. We watched this clip with Pres. Eyring where he was talking about loving everyone through the pure love of Christ/Charity. I felt the spirit so strong and received a witness and counsel about when I need to do to improve. It's been going great so far!

How is Steph doing? Tell her I love her.
How is everyone else?
Well I don't have any more time, I hope this letter was sufficient.

Nos vemos,
Elder Snow

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