Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Just So Exciting to Be a Missionary! - December 5, 2011

Dear Family!!!!
Hey thanks for a great letter this week. I really enjoyed the part Mason wrote me about his fantasy football team. Hahaha Mason is always a favorite of my mission companions. I love sharing his little letters with my companions and they usually think he is pretty funny. I remember Elder Woodruff especially enjoyed Mason`s descriptions of how he dominated in Basketball and Soccer, haha.
Thanks, Dad, for sharing that experience of your mission. That is one of my favorite parts about receiving emails every week, reading about your mission experiences and recognozing how much they have shaped your life. I really appreciate it. I was very impressed with the story about Nilson Bueno and how much the Lord had prepared him. It`s just the greatest feeling in the world when a missionary is led to a person that God has prepared. Elder Curtis and I have especially felt that this week.
This week has really been one of the most blessed weeks of my mission so far. We went crazy in finding new people and the Lord blessed us so much. We found several families this week that are really great and I have faith will progress. It`s just so exciting to be a missionary. I love the feeling of finding a new person and being able to help them come closer to Christ.
For a little bit of an update on Alonso and Daisy. I have talked about them a little bit before, Alonso is the man from Barcelona that is living with Daisy, a member. We have been waiting for the divorce to go through for a really long time now. We got a little bit of news and it seems like it should all go through this month. Elder Curtis and I have been praying and fasting a lot for their family. They have been through a lot but have endured it all with so much faith. Yesterday after church we were sitting with them in the chapel and we could tell that the stress was really wearing on them. Both Alonso and Daisy mentioned that everything seems to be going well for them now, with the exception that the divorce is taking forever to go through. I have been so impressed and touched by their perseverance in attending church through it all. I know that for a lot of people it would be easy to get discouraged and just throw in the towel. It`s tough because they are trying to do what`s right, but that blessing just still hasn`t come yet. I know that the Lord is sustaining them in their trials. The Lord has to test us, even if we are doing the things right. This past week I studied about the people of Alma and how they were in bondage to the Lamanite and wicked priests of king Noah, even though they were doing everything right. Sometimes the Lord sees it fit to try our patience and our faith. I know that that is the case with Alonso and Daisy, and I know that they will pull through with the help of the Lord.
Sorry I don`t have too much time to write again. We had a leadership counsel today so I`m in a hurry a little bit. Everything is going so great here. I love the work, I love my companion, I love the Lord. I love you all so much!
Elder Snow

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