Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, December 26, 2011

An Almost White Christmas - December 26,2011

Dear Family!!!

Thanks for the great letter. It´s always so nice to hear from you all. I´m glad to hear that Christmas went well.

I really enjoyed Dad´s mission story. It´s always great to read those. I loved to hear that Vicenta is still active in the church and that there are great fruits that come from missionary work. It´s amazing to think that helping one person find the gospel will affect future generations forever. Thank you, Dad, for being a great missionary and for helping Vicenta find the truth.

It was great to talk to you all on Saturday and get to see your faces!! It´s weird how much Kim, Melanie, and Mason have changed. Everyone is so grown up! It´s crazy how fast the time goes during those calls but I always enjoy it anyway. Were you able to understand my Spanish at all? Haha, hopefully at least Dad knew what I was saying.

Well, from this weekend we have some good news and some not as good news. I have fotos from Ana´s baptism, but she didn´t end up getting baptized. Her and her entire family got to the church and everything was great. We started the baptismal service, had the talks, everything was wonderful. When it came time to baptize her, it turned out she had fear of the water. So we were in the font (I was baptizing) and after the prayer, she didn´t want to go under. We gave it a shot, but she did not want to put her head in. I definitely had to learn some patience. We will prepare her more and try again.

On more of an up note, we had success in getting people to church yesterday. There is a family that we have been working with for a while, named the Ñamandú family. The son, Agusto, went to church last week without the parents. This week the kids were out of town so we tried with the parents, Félix and María José, to get them to church. On Saturday we committed them and on Sunday morning María José and Jade (the 5 year old daughter) went to church. It was really exciting because we have been working for a while to get them there. She really enjoyed it. We just had Sacrament Meeting combined with the 3 wards. The bishops of each ward gave talks and the meeting was realllly good. María José enjoyed it a lot. We are excited to see them continue progressing.

This past change we have been working a lot more with complete families. In our ward, over the past 5 years there have been a lot of kids and single people baptized, and very few of them are still active. So we have been working a lot harder to find and teach families. The next goal is for the entire Ñamandú family to get to church. That will be very exciting to see.

Everything is going very well here. We are working really hard and praying harder to have success. I am very grateful for my companion, Elder Curtis. I feel like he is helping me to become the best missionary I´ve ever been. Thanks for everything!!! Love you all

Elder Snow

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