Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, December 12, 2011

We Really Have Our Work Cut Out For Us - December 12, 2011

Dear Family,

Wow! I really appreciate every one of you. That letter this week was classic. I had some really good laughs (which I shared with Elder Curtis, as always) as well as some really great spiritual moments. I love that every time I read one of your letters, I feel some kind of prompting from the Spirit on something that I can do better. I just need to put them into practice!!!

We have had a really wild week. We`ve been going all over the zone trying to help lots of missionaries and working our tails off in our own area as well. This month we have started out kind of cold as a zone so we are working so hard to finish the year really strong and fulfill our goals. We have been praying a lot for the families we are teaching right now and have felt so much the help of the Lord.

I haven`t written too much on the new families we have found, and I have little time right now, so hopefully next week I`ll be able to talk a little more on that next week.
This week we have had a couple of really spiritual lessons. We have been trying to work very closely with the members, especially the leaders so that we can get some member support for the new families that we have found. On Wednesday we did a noche de hogar with Alonso and Daisy. They have been a little down lately beause the divorce hasn`t gone through. So we shared a Christmas message. We decided to read about the Savior´s birth in Luke 2. After we talked about what gifts we could give to Jesus Christ this Christmas. It turned out really well. It reminded me of home and how we would often read the story of the Savior`s birth on Christmas eve. They had a sweet little Nativity set too so that added to the good feelings. We also did a noche de hogar with Bishop Mora`s family and did the same Christmas activity with them. We have been working a lot with Bishop Mora and the first Counselor, Brother Correa. They are such great families and Elder Curtis and I have really grown to love them.

This week we will work even harder. We have set goals for this month as a companionship and as a zone and we really want to achieve them. We have started out a little slow, so we really have our work cut out for us. I know that with lots of prayer, fasting, and hard work we will be able to achieve them. So next week will be a letter full of miracles.

I love you all so much!
Elder Snow

PS Mom. could you send me Grandma and Grandpa Vacc´s email so I can write them thanks for the BDay cards? I have received all of them, but I haven`t written back. It`s super expensive to write by hand now, so I think I want to send them a quick email.

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