Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Transfer to Puerto Pabla - June 24, 2011

Dear Family!!

Whew what a crazy week it has been. First I have to apologize for not writing earlier. So we were going to have our P Day on Monday, but the zone leaders called on Sunday night and told us that we wouldn`t have Pday Monday because we would be going to the temple Friday (Today)! So Pday this week is today and we will be going to the temple a little bit later. I`m super excited, I haven`t been to the temple since November so I definitely miss the Spirit that is found at the temple. I`m really excited to receive the personal revelation that I need and the revelation for our area. Speaking of my new area! I am in Puerto Pabla! Wow I`m really excited. I`m back in Zone 2, which is where I started. My first area, Ybatè is like 10 minutes away, in the same zone. It is in the same city of Lambarè. I`ll be serving as the district leader here and I`m really excited, because that means that I`ll probably be able to do divisions with the zone leaders in Ybatè and go back to my first area to see some of the awesome people there. I`ve already run into some of the members from Ybatè that come to Puerto Pabla on Wednesdays to play fùtbol. It was really neat to see them. I can actually understand what they`re saying now! haha

My new companion is Elder Geary. He is from Burley, Idaho and is pretty young in the mission. He is in his third change, his trainer just left so I`ll be his second companion. He is tall, so I feel like I`m back in my MTC days with Elder Durrant towering over me. Haha, he is really an awesome elder and speaks really good Spanish already. He is super upbeat and really has the awesome desires to do missionary work. I`m sooo happy to have him as a companion.

As for my area, it`s incredible. I didn`t realize how convenient it is having a chapel, and a fully functioning ward. The bishop is awesome and the ward is one of the strongest in the stake. Puerto Pabla is one of the higher baptizing areas and the members are really great here. Oh! side note. You`ll have to ask Kent, Whitney Born`s husband if he served here. Because I found a super old teaching record that says Elder Jarvis, so I bet he was in Puerto Pabla.

All that being said, I was pretty sad to leave Santa Rita. Wow, I was there for a while and really fell in love with the people. A couple of the good byes were pretty tough. Elder Snow may or may not (did) shed a tear or two. I know that the church will be so strong there one day because the members are so strong and really have the vision to make the church a huge part of Santa Rita. There are great things in store for that area.

Santa Rita Members

Santa Rita Members

Jorge, Rosa, Gunter,
Elder Snow and Elder Bazan

Mirta, Izaías, Elder Snow and Mariela

Well, it was great to get a nice long letter from the family this week. Congrats to Mom in the Ragner Relay. I`m really impressed with how far you ran and how fast you did it too. I definitely could not accomplish that. To let you know, I got all the pictures and the pictures from the last couple of weeks too. I`m trying to figure out how to put them on my camera but I`m not very tech savvy I think. I`m trying to send you some pics of the last day in Santa Rita and Elder Geary and I, but this computer is from like 1987 so it`s to no avail, hah.

Well I`m about out of time, sorry.

I know that this church is true and I`m so grateful to be here. I can feel my testimony growing every day. I know that the church is true and that the Atonement of Christ is real because I have really felt a lot of changes in myself. The spiritual things are really important to me now while they weren`t before. I look to be obedient now, while before it was more of a chore. I love serving others and I`m grateful for the opportunity to do that here.

I love you all so much!

Elder Snow

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