Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rain On My Parade - May 16, 2011

Dear Family!

It was really great to talk to you all yesterday. You all sounds pretty much the same. Except Mason actually did sound a little bit older. We won´t talk again for 7 months so I´m sure the next time you will all sound super old. Sorry if I kept saying "What?" like a million times. I couldn´t hear very well during some parts. But no worries, it was good to hear your voices. I think my English is starting to get kind of bad, it was hard to explain a few things haha.

So Grandma and Grandpa are in town! That sounds fun. Tell them hi for me.

So mom asked what "La Expo" is. Haha. The expo is this big fair type thing that is in Santa Rita every year. It´s famous throughout all of Paraguay and people come from really far away to attend. It has like some roller coaster ride type things and a bunch of booths from companies and food and what not. It´s been a little rough this week in Santa Rita because of the expo. Most of our members and investigators have been working there like non stop so it´s been a little bit tough to teach lessons and what not, but this week should be better.

Another fun thing from this week! Saturday, el 14 de Mayo, was Independence day here in Paraguay. It was the bicentennial, the 200th year anniversary of the independence of Paraguay. So it was a big party. Saturday morning we planned to walk out to Rosa, Gunter, and Jorge´s house to visit them a little bit. So we headed out that morning and there was a big parade going down the freeway with kids from all the schools marching and what not. It was cool. We just saw like 2 minutes worth on the way to Rosa´s.  They had this big giant stuffed lion on a giant float. The big lion is still there in centro so I´m going to take a picture with it today haha. But then it started raining and the parade ended. I laughed super hard at the irony "rain on my parade." Hahaha... I chuckle still.

But apart from difficulties with the Expo it really has been a great week. We´ve been working hard and working a lot with the members.

Dad asked about Hernán and Sandra. We tried to visit them last night after the call but couldn´t find them. It´s a little up and down with them but I know that they´ll be baptized one day. They are super prepared but there is just something that is holding them back. They just a need a little boost of faith to take that step to be baptized.

This week I´ve been focusing a lot on the Spirit and how I can follow it better. The Spirit is so important in this work. I love the theme of the Spirit. It´s such a wonderful thing. I love receiving the confirming truth after following the Spirit. It´s always such a testimony builder and those are the moments most special in the mission when I follow a prompting and feel the Spirit confirm to me after that I did the right thing. It´s a blessing that is so prevalent in the mission, one that I really love.

Other news this week. I´ve started reading Jesus the Christ. I´ve got quite the project ahead. Before my mission I couldn´t imagine why anyone would read a book that long that wasn´t Harry Potter. But I started reading it and I know why now. It´s really incredible. I´ve been reading a little less than a week but I can already feel my testimony of the Savior growing so much.

That´s awesome that Elder Merrill is in President Franco! I´ve heard of that area and know some elders that were there.

From what I hear, that´s the area that has some really cool water falls. Haha I´ve also heard that about Ciudad del Este. I hear it´s the biggest black market in South America and 2nd biggest in the world or something like that. It´s a fun place.
Don´t worry though mom, Santa Rita is nice and safe.

I love you all so much and love hearing from you! Thanks for all your support and love!

Elder Snow

Note from Carrie:  Here are some pictues of Mariela's baptism that Zach just sent.  For a few more pics, go to the March 28, 2011 letter from Zach.
Mariela, Elder Bazán & Elder Snow
March 26, 2011

Mariela, Emerson & Mirta

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