Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, May 23, 2011

Great Results With Help of Members - May 23, 2011

Elder Snow and Elder Bazan with La Expo float.

In deep thought on a Santa Rita road.
 Dear Fam,

I really enjoyed the letter from you this week. It was full of fun updates and what not.

Wow, that´s crazy to think that Dad´s rounding out the big 5-0. I was thinking about that the other day, whew, you´re old, Dad? Haha just kidding. Someone asked me the other day, how old are your parents? I told them "my dad is almost 50, but he still runs faster than me." And it´s true, haha. I´m very impressed with Mom´s 6.3 mile run. Whew, I would die. Thanks for the update on Tyler, I´m positive that he is a phenomenal missionary. I´m excited to talk with him in Spanish when we get back. He´ll probably talk his Peruvian Spanish, "chévere."

I´m glad that Mom is tearing it up reading her conference talks. I still haven´t gotten my edition of the conference talks yet. I´m dying, I want to read it so bad. I´ve read the one from Oct 2010 like 5 times now. It´s still great though.

I was pumped to hear that Aidan got his mission call. What a champ! You´ll have to tell him hi for me.

This week for me has passed really fast! I think it´s because the expo is over, haha. It was a lot easier to find people at home to teach this week, and we were very blessed to find some awesome people. One new investigator that we are working with is named Cristian. He is really awesome. We contacted him a little more than a week ago.  I remember it was my 11th contact. Here in our mission, we have a goal to do 10 contacts each missionary every day. I can´t remember who, but someone told me one time, that the 11th contact is always golden. I think the expression is more an inspiration to go beyond the goals, because I´ve done a couple of 11th contacts that aren´t so friendly, but in the case with Cristian, it held true. We passed by his house, and found out that his wife is actually a member. It´s always a great miracle to find a member here, because there aren´t too many. Her name is Mercedez, she was baptized about 7 years ago in a city near Ciudad del Este called Hernandarias but since has become pretty inactive. So we started visiting them, and they are really super great. They are progressing very well. They went to the church on Wednesday night for the noche de Santa Rita. We watched The Testaments and it went super great. They really liked it. They also made it to church yesterday, so that was awesome. I know that the Lord is really preparing a lot of people here. We had a class yesterday in church about the gathering of the house of Israel, which has a lot to do with missionary work. I felt very strongly the impression that the Lord is always preparing his children. What a blessing to be able to work for Him and help His children to find the truth.

Yesterday in church was also great because we had a really good attendance. The last month or two we´ve been going down a little bit, and some of the recent converts haven´t been attending too much. But us, the missionaries, and 2 of the more active brothers had a great meeting this week on how we can turn things around and really progress towards a branch here. It doesn´t matter how great of a vision a missionary has, if it doesn´t reach the hearts of the members, nothing is going to happen. Brother Wagner from Brazil is looking for a house here and is staying here in Santa Rita to work, so he´s been helping us a ton lately. Brother Ugarte has also been so great. I really love them both. Brother Ugarte is preparing to receive the Melchezidek Priesthood and he and his wife want to go to the temple. Brother Ugarte really has a great vision for Santa Rita. We had a really great experience with him this week. We went to the house of the Delvalles to talk with Brother Delvalle, who hasn´t been attending church too much. Brother Ugarte really bore a great testimony. I was kind of fumbling for words, not exactly sure what to say. Brother Ugarte just chimes in, "Te necesitamos, cherah," whih is basically, "We need you, pal."  It was a very great, spiritual visit. Then in church, we really saw some great results from the help of the members.

In church, Brother Ugarte gave an awesome talk about eternal families, and how he desires to go to the temple with his family. He talked about how before, he didn´t really have the desires to have a family, but then he settled down, started a family and is so much happier now.

Diego Delvalle, such a champ. He´s 10 years old but gives talks in church all the time. He talked about 1 Nephi 1 and how he is grateful to have been born to goodly parents. I felt the Spirit very strong and felt a great appreciation towards the Lord for also having given me goodly parents. I´m grateful for your example mom and dad, I love you lots. I´m very grateful to have grown up in a home with the Priesthood, what a blessing.

I´m about out of time, but I love you all so much. It´s been a great week here. I know that this is the work of the Lord. Have a great week!

Elder Snow

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