Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Happened to January? - January 31, 2011

Dear Fam,

It´s crazy that Monday is already here again, time really flies sometimes. What happened to January, this change has gone by way too fast. I really enjoyed reading your letter, especially the recap of Sacrament meeting that you gave. Thanks for sharing the topics with me, sounds like it was a really great meeting with a lot of emphasis on the youth. I think that has been a really important topic lately and will always will be. Especially in the last couple of conferences in the Sunday afternoon sessions there has been a great focus on parenting and on the youth. This morning I was reading a talk from May 2010. I think it was a talk from Elder Ballard. He talks about the relationships between Mothers and Daughters and the importance of example. I was able to apply it to myself here in the mission field in thinking about the importance of always being a good example and living my life in a gospel sharing way. I love applying the conference talks to myself and always find that they become more meaningful to me in that way. It´s truly amazing to think that we can find a way to relate each one to ourselves. I know that the words the General Authorities give us are inspired and meant for each one of us individually. Prime example: Elder Snow finding a way to apply the mother/daughter talk to himself (I know Kim has to be laughing at that one he he he, love ya Kim).

I mentioned a little bit last week about our focus of working with the members to become temple worthy. We have also been using the General Conference addresses to help the members develop stronger testimonies of the Prophet, President Monson. His talks in Conference are amazing. We have been reading these talks with members and there is always a great spirit that helps them strengthen their testimonies. The members here are doing great and are continuing to progress. Also while talking about the temple preparation, yesteday we had a great sacrament meeting as well. The 1st and 2nd Counselors of the Stake Presidency came and President Gonzales (the 2nd Counselor) gave a message on the importance of temple prep and the blessing we receive from the temple. It was very awesome and applicable to the members as well as the investigators that were visiting yesterday. President Gonzales bore a powerful testimony about how he came to know Joseph Smith was a Prophet that was amazing for a family of investigators that was visiting. Their names are Isaias and Mirta. Mirta also has a younger sister named Mariela who wasn´t able to make it. All of them are progressing very well towards baptism and I have faith that they´ll be baptized very soon!

Now going back to the temple thing, I think it was dad who asked about how the members make it to the temple. None of the members are endowed yet, some of them made it to the temple a couple of month ago to do baptisms. They did a temple trip where the mission paid for the transportation. We are trying to organize another temple trip where every member can go and do baptisms, it´s gonna be really cool! The mission is usually willing to pay for things like that.

Mom had some questions too...

Second, I would love to know more about the “I’ve read the Book of Mormon” activity you mentioned.
We have a little sheet of paper that has little boxes of every chapter of the Book of Mormon. As the members read, they check off the little boxes and go all around this loopy de doop thing until they finish the Book of Mormon. We are helping all of the members to do it.

Well this change is winding down. It´s the last P day I´ll have with Elder Woodruff, he is heading home next week. The change has gone by way too fast and I´ll miss Elder Woodruff a lot. I´ve really learned lots from him and we´ve become really good friends ( at least I think we have, he could hate me for all I know.. hah just kidding). I´m grateful for the example he´s set for me and for all the help as well. He´s a great missionary!

I love you all lots. Thanks for always writing and sharing your great testimonies, keep it up! I´m doing grrrreat here and having a good time. I feel my love strengthening each day and I´m so grateful for the Savior.

Love you all lots,
Elder Zach Snow

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