Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Awesome Faith of Santa Rita Members - January 24, 2011

Dear Family!

Thanks for your letter full of updates, love, and the Spirit! Sounds like you had another great week and that all is going well in the Snow home.

It´s been another great week here in Santa Rita, Paraguay! We have really been seeing lots of awesome blessings here recently. I can feel my love for the people growing and I´m very grateful for that.

One thing that we´ve been working on a lot lately is member work. It´s very neat to be here in an area where it´s pretty much all new members. It gives us the opportunity to help them out early on in the gospel and help them follow a good gospel path. Their faith is so awesome, they´ll always stay on that path! One focus we´ve had here recently is to help all of the members be temple worthy. Yesterday we talked with one recent convert family about the commandments and temple requirements. Their name is the Souza Family. We reviewed all of the commandments and it was a real testimony to see the willingness of them to fulfill the commandments of the Lord. Sister Souza also gave a talk in church yesterday about her reading of the Book of Mormon. We´re trying to help each member read the Book of Mormon daily with an ¨I´ve read the Book of Mormon´´ activity. As a family, the Souzas have been reading for almost 5 months and are in Alma 6! She gave a testimony about how she always feels the Spirit when she reads and how it has helped her to know that this is the true church. The Souzas are very willing to keep the commandments. Brother Souza had left his job about a week and a half ago and they don´t have a lot of money. The first thing they did after was that they paid their tithing. It was a great testimony to me that they have so much confidence in the Lord.

This past week we also had interviews with President Callan. We have interviews every two changes and so this was the first one I´d had since about my second week in Paraguay. It was great to be able to meet with him and to receive his support and counsel. One thing we talked a little about was the importance of goals. As a mission we have set goals for this upcoming year. I know that as we work towards the goals we will see the blessing and be able to help people to be baptized. It was a very uplifting experience. I also talked to Sister Callan a little bit. It was actually kind of funny, she surprised me by telling me that she reads the blog you´ve set up for me, haha. She said that she can tell that you as a family write me great letters. Sister Callan is great, her and President both have a great spirit. That made me think a little bit and really appreciate the awesome support that I receive from home each week. Thanks so much!

You also had some questions, so I´ll go ahead and answer those:

That baptismal font looks very interesting.  Where did you get that? 
It´s from the mission. Before they were baptizing in a river. It turns out we might have to go back to the river because the owner of the place where we rent the Church is really mad that it´s there. Right now, it´s just in a lot thing right behind the church. I don´t think you can see the church in the picture though, that´s another building.

Where is it located, in a vacant lot or something? 
In a lot behind the church

You mentioned in your last letter that most of the people speak Portuguese in your new area.  So are you learning Portuguese? 
Ehh, not really, just a few things. Basically what happens is they speak Portuguese, we understand it. Then we speak back in Spanish and they understand us.

Does your companion speak Portuguese? 
Haha, not too much either, just a couple of things.

Do Rosa and Gunter speak Spanish or Portuguese?
They speak both. We speak in Spanish with them. One really incredible thing about Paraguayans is that they know lots of languages. They learn Spanish, Portuguese, and Guarani really easily, it´s pretty impressive.

Thanks again for everything you do for me. I love you all so much and am really loving life down here. Always keep positive and doing awesome things. I can feel a great spirit in your letters, thanks for writing great things. I know that Jesus Christ lives! Dad has always loved to study the Atonement. I have been doing that a little bit lately and have really felt the Savior´s love as a result of it. You should read in Helaman 14 a little about when Samuel talks about the Atonement. I read that this morning and it really stuck out to me. I know that Christ lives and that He makes it possible for us to return to our Father in Heaven.

Elder Snow

P.s. Could you send me Jake Adams´ address in Colombia, I was thinking of dropping him a line.
P.p.s. Mom if or when you send a package, without exaggeration, if you could send about 50 little packets of Kool-Aid, that stuff´s amazing. Oh and also ranch dressing. Just a heads up

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