Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trials, Rejection, Blessings & Increased Patience - January 10, 2011

¡Querida Familia!

Thank you very much for the awesome letter that you sent me this week. I love reading all the news. One thing I really appreciate and love is that you always have at least a couple spiritual experiences in your letters. It is a testimony to me of your faith that you are experiencing and realizing the spiritual experiences and blessings of the Lord each week. I love to read them, keep it up!

I was very glad to hear about the baptism of Brittany Smith´s friend. Sounds like the Smith family has been having an awesome past couple of weeks!

I also appreciate the funny experiences that you tell! The story about Tate not wanting to get a shot really made me chuckle. But it sounds like he came out of it alright.

So are you teaching some good people that are progressing well? 
Yes, we have several very awesome people that we are talking with right now. There is one named Gunter who is preparing to be baptized next Saturday. His mom, Rosa was baptized a couple of weeks ago right before I came here to Santa Rita. She is an amazing women! Just yesterday she was confirmed because she had been out of town for the holidays. We have been teaching her along with Gunter and they are really amazing people. She has such a strong testimony already and always says that she just feels good talking to the missionaries and going to church. She gave a closing prayer in church that was very awesome and the Spirit was very strong. Her and Gunter had to walk an hour to church yesterday because the family that usually gets them in the car was out of time. But they came anyway and it was really great. Gunter is equally as awesome. He will be the first teacher in Santa Rita! He turns 15 next week. I´m very excited to help him progress more this week.

This week we found an awesome lady named Noelia. It was really a miracle that we found her and it is a testimony to me that the Lord will bless us if we are doing what we need to be doing. We were walking by her house, a part of our area we don´t walk very much and she came outside at the exact moment in order to get better service for her phone. She had been praying recently for a new start and a way to ´restore her life´ as she put it. She´s a remarkable women and also came to church yesterday! I have faith that she will also progress towards baptism.
We are talking with a couple other families that are great. I love that Santa Rita is full of families

Have you received anymore mail or anything from anyone? 
ehh, not too much

I wonder if it will take a little longer to get things to you, now that you are farther away from the mission office.  How do they get your mail to you?
It won´t take too much longer. They send it with a mail company each monday.

Is it still best to send things to the mission office or do you have an address there to send things to?Mission office is the best

So, are you still eating a lot of empanadas?Not as much anymore, we have to budget our money really well.

Are the members feeding you there? No, I haven´t had a member meal yet in almost two weeks. The church is just so young here. We have to buy a lot more food and watch our money really closely.

Sorry I haven´t had much time to write, I also wrote an email to Grandma and Grandpa.

But know that I am doing well. Also that this week we had some trials in appointments falling and some rejection, but learned more patience and have really seen the blessings lately in the forms of wonderful new people that we´ve found and increased patience.

I love you all very much and am grateful for the example that you all are for me. The Book of Mormon has real power, it really has changed my life. I love to share my testimony about it with the people here and try to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands so that they too can feel the power of the Book of Mormon. You´re all awesome.

Elder Snow

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