Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, February 28, 2011

¿Jealous? - February 28, 2011

¡Dear Family! - ¡I can do upside down exclamation points and question marks! ¿Jealous? jaj

Thanks for sending another great letter! Must have been a very exciting week in the Snow house. What´s with the whole getting a dog thing as soon as I leave. Haha just kidding, there are millions of dogs here in Paraguay, it´s awesome. We actually had a dog wander into our apartment last week. It was pretty funny, Elder Villegas had to carry it out.

I really appreciated Mom´s comments about the talk from Elder Martino, I´ll have to read that a little later today. I really like the title of that talk, All Things Work Together for Good. It helps me remember that the bad moments also work for good, because they make the good moments even sweeter. The principle of determining good from bad is so amazing and is a great gift from Heavenly Father. 2 Nephi 2 is one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. One of the parts I really like is verse 27 which talks about our freedom to choose. We are free to choose how we react, we choose if we complain during adversity or if we excel. When we choose not to complain, we choose the Savior and we choose happiness.

That´s awesome that Kim got her learner´s permit! Hopefully she can have some awesome experiences with those driving instructors like I did. Jaja wow. Mom do you remember Masoof and that other lady that called us after and left a message on the machine for about 10 minutes. She kept calling my foot skippy for some reason jaja. Good luck, Kim!

Thanks for sharing about the talks in Sacrament meeting as well. I always like to hear about those. What Chris Davis said is so true. I also like the phrase exactly obedient. It always makes me think of President Monson´s talk on the 3 R´s of choice, where he says that being 100 % obedient is easier than being 98 % obedient. We cannot practice selective obedience if we want the blessings. Obedience is such an important principle in the mission, one that I am learning to really appreciate. I am seeing first hand that commandments are what liberate us. Breaking commandments is what restricts us. This week Hernán and Sandra have been working hard to quit smoking. They are smoking much less and Hernán went all Saturday without smoking. They both have commented that they are more free this way. They don´t have that constant restriction and know that they are receiving blessings. It´s a very beautiful thing to see.

Thanks for sharing that fireside about missionary work. Sounds like that will be a great activity! My bet is that the girls will win because Kim and Melanie are such studs and will each bring friends! I´m really impressed with the focus the ward and stake have had recently with missionary work. I always get little stake updates that tell me how things are going from the high council members. Sounds like the missionary work is going great. Keep it up! The Lord will bless you. When you have time, read the talk from last conference by President Eyring, it´s called Trust in the Lord, then Go and Do. It´s really an amazing talk that will help all of you individually to become better missionaries. I know it has helped me tons in my mission to put my trust in the Lord, then go out and give it all I have. The feelings of peace that I have after doing all I can are so sweet come straight from the Spirit of the Lord. I promise all of you that that feeling of peace you will have after doing what President Eyring instructs will be so powerful.

Thanks for being such a great family, I love you all verrrrry much.

Elder Snow

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