Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, February 14, 2011

Farmer's Tan, Power Walking & a Sweet Fanny Pack - February 14, 2011

Dear Snow Family!!

Great to here from you again. I´m impressed that you had so many great new things to say after writing only a couple days ago, seems like you had a busy/exciting weekend.

This weekend has been really busy for Elder Bazán and I as well. We´ve been working really hard to find new people and have really seen the blessings from our hard work.

On Saturday, we saw a couple of really great blessings of the Lord. We had been working really hard all day Saturday, but weren´t having too much luck. It was a little rough because Saturdays are usually really successful days because the majority of people are home.

But we kept working very hard and eventually at night we started to see some of the blessings. We were blessed to find a great family.  They are living in the home of a couple of investigators we had been visiting before. We had stopped visiting the old investigators a little while ago. During the day Saturday, I felt like we should go give them a visit, so we headed on over to their house. There were a couple young girls that answered the door who I hadn´t met and so I asked them if Favio and Beatriz (the old investigators) were there. The girls told me that they moved and that recently their family had moved there. So we asked their parents names and decided to try again another time. So then later on Saturday I felt that we should go back to that house again and try to meet the parents. So we headed on back and clapped the door (I don´t know if I´ve ever told you, but they clap instead of knock here, it´s awesome). The parents, Alejandra and Fidel answered and invited us in before we could even say anything. We started talking with them and from the very beginning we could tell that they were very sincere, nice people. They had the question why the name Mormon, so we explained the Book of Mormon a little bit. The lesson all went very well. They have about 6 daughters that live there and they all sat and listened super reverantly, I was really impressed because I know that whenever the missionaries would come to our house I was always super annoying haha. They weren´t able to attend church yesterday because they had a committment, but they are really excited to be able to go next week. They are really great and we´re very excited to work with them.

That was kind of a long story, I don´t know if I explained it well haha, but just know it was a cool spiritual experience that and that they´re awesome peeps.

Yesterday in church, it was my turn to give a talk and my topic was tithing. I focused a lot of the part about commandments and receiving the blessings. Elder Bazán also talked a little bit and introduced himself. He also talked a little about blessings from keeping commandments. I am really grateful for Elder Bazán and his great testimony. He´s an awesome missionary.

We have been working with a couple named Hernán and Sandra lately who have really been a great blessing. They are so humble and already believe that the church is true by the examples of missionaries and members, now they are just working on receiving that testimony from our Heavenly Father. I know that they will continue progressing. They weren´t able to attend church this week because Hernán`s brother recently had a motorcycle accident and so they went to Ciudad del Este to help take care of him. But they are excited to go next week! Sandra knows tons of people and wants all of her friends to be able to hear our message as well so she is introducing us to all of her friends. It was such a miracle to find Sandra and Hernán, they are so prepared!

To answer some questions...

So do they celebrate Valentine’s Day in Paraguay?Yeah, I think so. Just another day for the elders, though. Haha I actually didn´t realize it until I read your email. So happy Valentine´s day to you too!

Guazu doesn’t  sound like a Spanish word, is it?
Haha Guazu is a Guaraní word. It means big. I know a few select Guaraní words that I use to my advantage to make people laugh. The one that usually gets people rolling is chivivi, which means diahrrea.

You are looking pretty tan these days.  I’ll bet you are feeling pretty fit as well with all the walking you are doing.  Is walking your main form of transportation?Don´t be fooled, I´m tan on my face and on my forearms where the sun gets me. I have a farmer´s tan that could blind you.

Yeah I take pride in my power walk as well. I have a sweet fanny pack, I don´t know if you have seen it in any of my pictures. Just know that I´m working it Paul McMullin style.

Walking is our only form of transportation. I had some sweet blisters before, but I´ve just got calluses (no idea how to spell that) now so I´m good.

Well, that´s about it for this week I think, I love you lots and lots. I know that the church is true! I know that God answers prayers! So many times since coming on the mission I have received new witnesses that the Book of Mormon is true. I love it! I love you all!

Elder Snow

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