Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Transferred For Last Change - June 25, 2012

Dear Family!
Great to hear from you this week. I remember a while back I had made the comment that in every letter Dad writes something about golf and Mom writes something about Scouts. Wow, definitely true this time. Mom had a good page long letter all about scouts. Love it! Haha

Anyway, some news. We had transfers this past week and I ended up being transferred for my last change. I wasn´t really expecting a change and was a little surprised. But I´ve learned in the mission that the Lord always knows best and that it is best to follow His will.

My new area is called Minga Guazú. I am back in Zone 9, Ciudad del Este. I was in this same zone last year when I was in Santa Rita. Minga Guazú is the closest area to Santa Rita actually. We are about an hour and a little more away. Since Santa Rita is still just a group and it pertains to the Minga Guazú branch.

Minga Guazú is a lot like Santa Rita. It has the super red dirt, the empedrado. There are even lots of Brazilians here, but not as many as there are in Santa Rita. Minga Guazú is a branch that is growing a lot. About a year and a half ago the missionaries were removed from Minga. But several months ago they put missionaries here again and the branch is doing well. There are two companionships here in Minga Guazú and we live in the same pension. My new companion´s name is Elder Barrios. He is Paraguayan, kind of interesting having a Paraguayan comp. Elder Barrios is only here temporarily. His was called to a mission in Mexico, but is serving here while waiting for his Visa. He speaks Guaraní, which is really nice when we are teaching people that don´t speak much Spanish. He just finished being trained and is in his third change. He is still pretty green, but has lots of really great desires to have success.

The other two missionaries that live in Minga with us are named Elder Bulkley and Elder Marecos. Elder Bulkley is from Montana. Elder Marecos is also Paraguayan and waiting on his Visa to Mexico. Elder Barrios and Elder Marecos started the mission at the same time and both came to Minga Guazú to be trained. They are here until their Visa goes through and then the plan is to combine the two areas in Minga Guazú into one area like it was before. So I´m not sure how long I will be with Elder Barrios.

I am serving as a senior companion now. It´s kind of wierd not being a zone leader. It´s nice to just worry about my companion and myself.

Dad had asked a little bit about the change in Mission President. President Callan is still here. President Agazzani comes this Friday so we still haven´t had the transition yet. After the new Mission President arrives I think the plan is that he does interviews with all of the missionaries within the first few weeks so that he can get to know all of them. I will let you know a little bit more next week.

Elder Barrios and I are teaching some really great people. When I got here there was one family that was progressing pretty well. We are hoping that they can be baptized within the next couple of weeks. The problem is that they live realllllly far away. Like an hour by bus (Our area is gigantic). They had a baptismal date for this past week but weren´t quite prepared. We want to prepare them a little more for their baptism. Their name is the Lesme Family. They are really great and will be baptized pretty soon.

Apart from the Lesme family, we didn´t have a whole lot of investigators when I got here. We´ve been finding a lot of new investigators and seeing lots of miracles. We have found some really prepared people that are progressing well.

Welp I think that´s about all for this week. Thanks for all of your support. I can feel your love and prayers. I know that this is the true church and that Jesus Christ lives and loves us.

Love you all!

Elder Snow

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