Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, June 18, 2012

All Part of the Paraguayan Experience - June 18, 2012

Dear Snow Family,

Happy Father´s day to Dad, Grandpa Snow, Grandpa Vacc, and all you fathers out there!

Thanks for everything that you do as Dads, I appreciate it a lot.

This past week we have been working a lot with our investigators to help them go to church. Right now we have Pedro and Felicia who are progressing really well. After them there are several other newer investigators that we are working with who haven´t attended church or who have gone just once. So we are working hard to get those new investigators to church. It is always incredible how much more progress there is when an investigator attends church as opposed to when they don´t.

On Wednesday of this week we did divisions with the other missionaries here in Pilar. The district leader, Elder Guizada, came to our area and worked with me all day Wednesday. Elder Ramos went over to Pilar 2 to work with Elder Shelley. It was good working with Elder Guizada. We worked really hard all day and found some really good new investigators.

We taught a young man named Carlos. He is about to turn 20. He lives here in Pilar but his family lives in a small town outside of Pilar. He had some really good questions and we could tell that the Lord has prepared him a lot. He wanted to know about the purupose of life. He also wanted to know about life after death because his mom passed a way a few years ago and that was pretty tough on him. This week we taught him about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. He really likes reading the Book of Mormon. We gave him 2 Nephi 2 and then Alma 40 to read and he read it all and understood pretty well. He took the invitation to pray to God to know if it is true and said that he feels good, that he feels the desires to learn more and more. I have met several people in the mission who have received answers in that form, a desire to know more and to continue investigating.

I know that the Lord loves us, each and every one. He knows us personally and always is there for us when we need Him.

The weather here lately has been loco ité!!!! One week it´s like 0 degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit) and the next week it´s 30 Celsius (like 85 Fahrenheit). It´s all part of the Paraguayan experience I guess. You just learn to love it.

Dad asked about transfers. The changes are actually this week, on Wednesday the 20th. It is a little different, the change is a week earlier because of the new Mission President. My final change with last 7 weeks instead of 6. Concerning the changes, I think I will probably just finish in Pilar. It would be nice to be here for the baptism of Pedro and Felicia and I don´t think I would get changed for my final change. But you never know. If I have a change it won´t be a problem, I have learned that the changes come from the Lord, so I will just trust in him. But I´ll let ya know next week how it turns out.
I am grateful for all of you and for your support! I know that I and you are receiving many blessings for my missionary service. I can feel the support of your prayers. I know that this is the work of the Lord. I am so grateful for the blessings that he gives us for our obedience. The Lord really is so merciful towards us. I hope you all have a great week!
Elder Snow

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