Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Really Good Feeling... - May 7, 2012

Dear Family,

We have had a really great week and have been working really hard.
Yesterday in church we had a couple of new investigators attend
sacrament meeting. Their names are Pedro and Felisia. They are an
older couple that we have been teaching almost two weeks now. Pedro
has been really receptive. Before he attended in various Evangelical
churches for a long period of time but has since left them. He is a
really sincere man that is looking for the truth.

Up until yesterday they hadn´t made it to church. On Saturday we went
by with Brother Servín and his sons, the recent converts from a couple
months ago. We had a really good visit with The Servin´s and Pedro and
his wife. It turned out that they already knew each other and were
somewhat of friends. Visiting investigators with members always makes
it a lot easier for them to make it to church for the first time. When
Pedro and his wife made it to church on Sunday it turned out that they
knew several other members. It´s funny how much the people know each
other in Pilar because it is a small town type setting.

In church on Sunday it was pretty cool because Eider Servin was able
to pass the sacrament for the first time. He was ordained a deacon
just last week and this week was able to pass the sacrament to us. He
did a really good job and it was a really good feeling to be able to
be able to receive the sacrament from a recent convert of mine.
This past Saturday there was a baptism in the second branch of Pilar.
In Pilar, there are 2 companionships, 1 for each of the branches. The
other branch had a baptism for someone that they have been teaching
for a while. We are currently teaching the family of the young woman
that was baptized. It was neat because the family that we are teaching
also made it to the baptismal service.

Tomorrow we will have a zone conference. We will be traveling a little
far, we have to go all the way out to Encarnación, which is like a 6
hour travel. I am really excited for the zone conference, this will be
the last one with President Callan.

Anywho, I´m about out of time. I love you all so much! I hope
everything is going well.
Have a great week.

Elder Snow

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