Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! - May 14, 2012

Dear Snow Fam,
Happy Mother´s Day!! I hope you had a great Mother´s day, Mom. I don´t know if I remembered to wish you a happy Mother´s Day when we talked on Saturday, sorry about that. I love you a lot and appreciate everything that you have done for me as my mother, including the extra two weeks of pregnancy that you never let me forget about :P haha

It was really great to talk to you all. I was really surprised to see how much Melanie has grown up. Is she almost as tall as Kim now? After I finished talking with the fam, Elder Ramos asked me if Melanie goes to BYU because of her BYU sweatshirt that she was wearing. I think he thought she looked a little older than 15 haha.
Mother's Day Skype

It was great to see Zach and talk to him!

I was able to talk to Dan for a few minutes as well. It was really neat to see London, she is a cute little niece. At one point Dan held her up close to the computer screen so that I could see her a little better and right in that moment she spit up and it got all over his keyboard. Haha, it was really funny. Dan said that she is a spit up monster.

This week has been really great. On Monday night we traveled through the night to get to Encarnación for zone conference on Tuesday Morning. It is like a 6 hour trip if you can get the connecting colectivo(bus) fast. So we were a little tired by the time conference was over, but I left really spiritually fed. In the conference we talked a lot about the missionary purpose, how to find new investigators, and how to teach the commandments.

President Callan talked a lot about the personal conversion of a missionary and the importance of understanding the why of the Gospel and Doctrine of Christ. The Spirit was very strong.

Tuesday afternoon we traveled back to Pilar, but didn´t get so lucky with the busses. We got home at about 11:30 PM. The rest of the week we worked hard with Pedro and Felisa. We´ve been trying to visit them with members but haven´t been able to schedule it well yet. They are progressing a lot. Before they went to church last week, Felisa didn´t really want to share too much. She would kind of wander off while we came to teach Pedro. But this week she has opened up a lot more and is really enjoying our visits. We visited them Monday with the Suarez family and talked about the first principles of the Gospel: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. Pedro wants to be really convinced in order to be baptized. He is reading a lot in the Book of Mormon and really enjoys it.

We saw a lot of progress this week with Victor, the neighbor of the Servín family. We were able to speak with his mom a few times. We taught them one day this week with the entire Servín family there. The mom is traditionally Catholic and a little self-conscious because she doesn´t speak Spanish very well. But we talked about the Doctrine of Christ and explained the blessings of baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost. She said that she thinks it is ok for Victor to be baptized but wants to talk with his dad first to make sure. Victor´s dad works far away and only comes about once a month to visit. So we are praying a lot so that everything goes well. Victor really wants to be baptized. It´s great because he has seen the positive example of Eider Servín, the oldest of the Servín kids and has been really positively influenced.

Today is Paraguay´s Independence Day. I remember last year while I was in Santa Rita (wowwww, it is crazy to think that that was an entire year ago) it was the 200th anniversary of Paraguay´s Independence. It´s pretty neat the have a parade and everything where all of the school kids march in the streets and have some type of talent (marching drums, twirly baton thing called ¨chirolera,¨ etc.) I think we will head over there in a little bit to take some pictures of the parade. It´s funny that they always have the parade on the street called 14 de Mayo (the day of Independence) because there is a street by that name in just about EVERY city in Paraguay.

I´m also attaching the fotos of when I ate la pata de vaca. Or as Kim said ¨cow hoof.¨ They served it with little corn ball things called ¨locro¨ and with beans. The actual soup part tasted pretty good but the foot was really gross. It was like all ligaments and fat. I was being really tentative trying to cut it and the brother that gave it to us told me, ¨Here, elder, this is how you eat it.¨ He grabbed the hoof off my plate and starting going to town on it with his hands like I would eat ribs when I was a little kid, haha.
La pata de vaca (or cow's foot)

Elder Snow enjoying la pata de vaca.  Yum!

Looks just like the rib bones Zach left on the table as a kid!

I really appreciate your letters every week! It is great to hear news from home and have your support. I love you all very much. I am so grateful for the Gospel in our life as a family. What a blessing to be an eternal family. I am really grateful for the blessing of the temple. I am grateful for the opportunity to live the a time where the restored Gospel is on Earth and, even more, to be a missionary teaching it. I know that this is the true Church. I know that God and Christ live.

I hope you all have a great week. Mom, if you could wish a happy mother´s day to Grandma Snow, Grandma Vaccarello, and Great Grandma as well. Thanks

Elder Snow

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