Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, January 30, 2012

La Obra del Señor - January 30, 2012

Dear Family!
We have a had a week really full of miracles. It`s been so great working here in Pilar with Elder Shaw. We get along really well and are just loving it working in La Obra del Señor!
La Familia Servín with happy Elders Shaw and Snow
Elder Shaw, Edgar, Eider, Sonia & Elder Snow
The baptism for the Servín kids this past week went great. To answer your question, they are Eider (11), Sonia (10), and Edgar (9). Elder Shaw baptized Eider and Sonia and I baptized Edgar. We have been working with the parents and they committed to get married this weekend. We have seen so many miracles with the dad, Agustín. He is starting to progress a ton. Before he didn`t really want to share with us but now he actively participates in the lessons. He had lots of doubts about getting married before, but now he is looking forward to it. On Saturday he attended the baptism and it was the first time that he has been to church. Yesterday he attended church for the first time for the confirmations of the kids.
There has been lots of progress with the Servín family because of the great help that we get from the members. The members of Pilar are so phenomenal. There is this one family (I don`t know if I`ve mentioned them yet) named the Suarez Family. They are so amazing. They are always there to do the fellowshipping as soon as we find someone new. They have really helped the Servín Family every step of the way. So this weekend we have planned the marriage and the baptism for the mom. We are planning on having a really special lesson with the dad in order to put a baptismal date with him as well.

Today we had a leadership council in Asunción. Last night we travelled from Pilar to Asunción and we will be heading back tonight. Elder Durrant and Elder Love will be going with us to Pilar to do divisions over the next couple of days. I am really excited to get back with a couple of my old companions and work it with them. The plan is to take them out on the bikes (we have bikes in Pilar, so great) and dominate our area. It will be great.

Anyway, back to the leadership council. It was so great. Those meetings are always very spiritual and I walk away on a spiritual high. One part that was really memorable from today was at the end when several missionaries shared their testimonies. A common thread in the testimonies was the joy found in missionary work. I was really hit with an impression from the Spirit when one missionary talked about how the joy in missionary work comes from losing oneself. I know that is true.

I know that God is a God of miracles. We see them every day. I know this Church is true. It`s incredible. The Book of Mormon is true. It changes lives.

Thanks for everything, I love you! Till next week.

Elder Snow

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