Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, November 14, 2011

Miracles & Tender Mercies - November 14, 2011

Dear Family!

Thanks so much for another great letter!! Welp, Mom had several questions, I`ll try to answer them in a minute.
This week we have been working our tails off, it has felt sooo great. In the end we weren`t able to have the baptism. We have taught Manu and Melissa everything, they are suuuuper prepared and have really strong testimonies. We just haven`t been able to get permission from the mom for them to be baptized. They had their baptismal interviews on Friday and they passed them just fine. Their Mom`s name is Amalia. She is a very nice lady and has always been very open to us sharing with her kids. The Dad is also a very nice man, he is in Argentina working right now and should be coming home soon. 
Anyway, Manu had talked with her a couple of times about the possibility of him being baptized and she kept saying that she wanted to think about it. She has some doubts as to whether they need to be baptized again because they were both baptized in another church. So Friday she made the decision that she didn`t want them to get baptized yet. Manu and Melissa were really sad, because they really want to get baptized. I was a little bit sad, but I also felt calm because I know that we have done our part and that they have done their part as well. On Saturday we made a cake for them and left it at their house with a note. A couple of hours later Manu called us and he was really excited. They found the cake and the mom was really happy and really appreciated it. We stopped by later that night and she opened up a little more and said that they can keep going to church and we can continue teaching them. We didn`t push the baptism part yet, but I know that the Lord will provide a way.
I am really grateful for my new comp, Elder Curtis. He is a really hard worker and likes to work with the members, which is exactly what our area needs.
We have seen some really great miracles this week. We have found a lot of super sincere people that are looking for the truth. We had a bunch of people that were committed to go to church yesterday. We woke up yesterday morning and it was raining really hard, so that was a little bit of a bummer. It rained all day and was raining pretty hard during church. Getting people to church when it is raining is somewhat of a challenge. But we had a great miracle and had a couple of new investigators that made it. One of them is named Ana. She is the daughter of a member that is living in another area. Ana lives with her grandma, who is also a member. She turns 9 pretty soon and wants to get baptized. She wanted to go to church, just not alone. The grandma is really old and doesn`t walk well, so she couldn`t go with Ana. We were planning on having Ana go in Bishop`s truck to church, but then Bishop didn`t take the truck because it was raining. So we were kind of in a hole. We talked with a member that lives close to Ana and she was willing to walk like 25 minutes to church with Ana in the pouring rain! It was so great to see their faith. So Ana went to church with her cousin that was visiting the grandma over the weekend. They both really liked church and are going to go again next week.
Some other great miracles that I saw this week happened when we did exchanges on Tuesday and Wednesday. Elder Chatterley, one of the district leaders, came to my area and we worked together. We found some incredible people that are looking for the truth. We try to finish every lesson with a kneeling prayer. We invited some of the new people to asked Heavenly Father during the final prayer if the church is true. With some of the new investigators, they felt the Spirit for sure and accepted baptismal dates. I love finding sincere people like that, it`s such a tender mercy!

Ok, I`m running low on time, I`ll answer a couple of questions.
How was your birthday?
It was great!  We found some super great people on Wednesday.
Dad also asked if I am writing in my journal.
I hate to admit it, but I`m terrible at writing in my journal. I really need to do better, there are so many great miracles every day and I need to remember them. 
I know that if we keep the commandments, the Lord will take care of us!

I love you all so much!

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