Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lord Has Strange Ways to Help Missionaries - November 21, 2011

Dear Family!!

Hey, thank you so much for writing another great letter this week. It was great to hear from you and get updates on how everyone is doing. This has been kind of an up and down week here in Costa Bonita. It seems like every other day we had a lot of success, were able to teach many lessons, find some great new people, etc. And then the the other days we weren`t quite able to get it going. The great miracle is that even in the rough days, if we are perseverant and diligent, the Lord will give us a couple of great miracles in the end. Those are great testimony builders.

I want to share a little bit of an experience from this last week that was 1) kind of funny (for me, not for Elder Curtis) and 2) a great testimony builder. The story starts out about a week and a half ago. We are teaching a great man named Jacinto. Jacinto is like 75 years old and lives alone in a small little room that he rents out. He has really bad arthritis to the point where it`s hard for him to even walk. So he just kind of hangs out in his room all day and rests. Elder Love and I found him a couple of weeks back and started teaching him. He is very humble and a great guy. He really understands the doctrine and wants to get baptized. We just can`t get him to church. We could take him in a member`s car, but he doesn`t feel ready yet because he has a lot of pain from the arthritis. Anyway, he lives in a small single room and when we first started teaching him, it was realllly dirty. So about a week and half ago, Elder Curtis and I cleaned up his room and fixed his light and just did some service. It felt really good. We did it when just Jacinto was there and nobody saw it, it was pretty low key.

Fast forward a week and a half. Thursday afternoon we are working about a block and half from Jacinto`s house. Elder Curtis and I were walking on like a dirt path type thing and there were three kids having a bike race. They kept riding past us and around us and every which way. One time, as they are passing (and they were really flying fast) they were coming at us like kind of spread out. Elder Curtis and I were like 3 feet apart. The first two passed between Elder Curtis and I. After they passed, Elder Curtis moved like he was going to come closer to me. The third biker was going to pass between us as well, just as Elder Curtis started moving towards me. Long story short, the biker (his name was Walter, btw) WHAM! crashes right into Elder Curtis. Elder Curtis went flying and the biker kid took him into next week. It was funny for me, but kind of painful for Elder Curtis.

So then some people start running towards us, offering help and what not. Elder Curtis was fine, he just had to sit down for a minute. One lady brought him some water and started talking to us. She was really nice and asked us some questions about the church. So we talked to her and another man that came to help for a couple of minutes. It turns out that the lady is Jacinto`s grand daughter. She went by his house the day after we cleaned up for him and Jacinto told her what he had done. So she was pretty happy and really grateful and was receptive because of it. So we wrote down her info and we are going to try to teach her and her family this week.

So moral of the story, the Lord has strange ways to help the missionaries find his prepared children. Hopefully we will see some results from teaching them.

Another highlight from this week was zone conference on Tuesday. It was so great, just what the zone needed. We are really focusing on finding new investigators right now and working well with the members. The Spirit was very strong and I am grateful for all of the help that the Lord is giving us. I know the church is true, this is the Lord`s work!

Elder Snow

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