Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, October 24, 2011

Worked Until We Dropped - October 24, 2011

Dear Family,

It has been really great to hear from you this week. I really appreciated the news on how things are back in the stake and to hear about your trip to the temple. I could really feel the Spirit reading about how great you felt about going to the temple. I loved Mom`s enthusiasm about the temple work, you are all such studs!

Dad asked about how successful the mission is at getting new converts to the temple soon after their baptisms. I am not really sure on numbers or anything like that. I know that all of the recent converts receive really soon after their baptisms a letter from the temple president and an information thing about Family Search and how to bring their ancestors` names to the temple. One great thing about my ward now in Costa Bonita is that they are really good at making it to the temple often. They have ward temple trips every couple of months and all of the active members go. It is a great blessing for the members here in Asunción to be close to the temple. I remember while I was serving in Santa Rita it was a much more difficult thing to make it to the temple with the recent converts because it is a good distance away.

Speaking of converts, I received a couple of letters from Eduardo Calderón this week. It was really exciting to hear from him. Eduardo is the young man that Elder Bonilla and I baptized in my first change. He really has a great testimony. He wrote me and told me that he is serving right now as a local missionary! He was pretty excited to have his own agenda and Preach My Gospel and everything. He told me that he always likes to bear his testimony about his baptism. It definitely was a good pick me up and gave me more excitement.

This week we weren`t able to have the baptism for Juan and Victoria. It`s kind of a long story. Basically Victoria needs legal permission to get married because she is underage. We tried to go with them and Victoria`s mom to get the permission from a youth judge this week. It didn`t work out, there were some problems because the judges are all on strike right now. I`m not really sure how that works out, but basically they can`t do any legal work right now. Bummer. But we talked with a member whose son got married a while back to someone under 18. He said that they used a juzgado de paz, sorry don`t know what that would be in English. So we are going to try to go with that route. The only problem now is that Victoria´s mom traveled to Ciudad Del Este, and we aren`t sure when she will come back. So.... we are just praying lots, I feel like I say that every week.

We have seen some more progress this week, a couple of members brought friends to church yesterday and the meetings went really well. The members are getting more excited about the work. We just need to get some baptisms and get this place started! Once the members have excitement, we are going to see miracles!!
I`m trying to think what happened this week... I asked Elder Love what we did this week and his answer was ´We just worked until we dropped´ haha. That about sums it up. We are working hard, things are great. Well, I love you all! Have a great week

Elder Snow

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