Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, October 3, 2011

General Conference...Something I Treasure - October 3, 2011

Dear Family!
Hey it was great to hear from you and to hear your takes on General Conference. Wow, I loved it. More than ever I felt that this conference was suited just for me and that the Lord was blessing me with exactly what I needed to here. I wished that I had appreciated General Conference more before the mission. Now it is something I treasure.
Like Dad guessed, the talks on missionary work I especially loved. Basically the entire Priesthood Session was incredible. So Mom and Dad, you know Elder Waddell, huh? He`s a stud! His talk was so great. The talks by Elder Waddell, Elder Holland, and Elder Yamashita (not gonna lie, I had to look back to remember how to spell his name) were so great. This morning during my personal study I re-studied my notes and made a group of themes that I noticed from conference and set goals on what I am going to do better.
A couple of the themes that I really noticed were things such as: Importance of the commandments and following the Spirit, the importance of love, Geneology, the Book of Mormon. I really enjoyed the talks on the importance of the commandments and following the Holy Ghost. I know without a doubt that keeping the commandments and following the Spirit brings true joy. A person will never be so happy as when they do those things. It`s true! I loved President Monson`s talk especially in the Sunday morning session when he told the story of the temple dedication in Germany. At the end of the story, when he mentioned how important it is to be worthy to hear the impressions of the Spirit, there was such a powerful Spirit in the room.  Another one of my favorites was Elder Yamashita`s talk on missionary work. The part when he spoke on the missionary that was conferring the Holy Ghost upon the convert girl and Elder Yamashita really touched me. Love is so important in missionary work. Many times, love for the investigators is what brings the Spirit. I want to do better in this aspect.
Well I better get on to another topic, or else I will talk about General Conference forever, bahhh I love it.
This week we have found a couple of really great people. We were really excited and preparing to get them to conference, in the end they weren`t able to make it. But we`ll get `em next week! We found one man who is super prepared. His name is Luis Alberto and he was telling us of how he has always been looking for the truth, but he still hasn`t been able to find it. We taught him the Lesson of the Restoration and ended with a kneeling prayer. He felt the Spirit for sure. The only problem is that we can`t find the dang man now! He works a lot so we haven`t been able to visit him a second time. But that is such a witness to me that there are people out there that are looking for the truth but are kept from it only because they know not where to find it! That`s why we have to do like Elder Holland said in Conference and unbind the tongue and talk about the Gospel! Nothing in missionary work will ever happen until we find someone to teach.
One cool thing this week is that we were able to bring a less-active member to General Conference. We actually found him while looking for Luis Alberto and knocking some doors in that area. He was baptized 3 or 4 years ago but has been less active ever since. He is 25 years old and he expressed that he still has desires to serve a mission. So we invited him to conference and he came to both sessions on Sunday! He really enjoyed it and committed to come every week. So we are excited about that. Now we just need to find his member record so we can get him with the Priesthood. He was baptized somewhere else so we don`t know where his record is, that`s kind of a struggle with the work here in Paraguay. 

Well Dad had some questions I think...
About Senior couples. I really don`t have that much imput... As far as I know there aren`t any in our mission. I know that there is like a mission nurse or something that is a senior couple. But I think that`s about it. I really don`t know. But I`m sure they are super valuable! Just look at Grandpa Claude and Grandma Coleen, stud missionaries! 

Anywho, I love you all so much! I hope you have a great week and that things are going super great. Love you!

Elder Snow

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