Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, October 17, 2011

God Inspires His Children - October 17, 2011

Dear Family!

Hey it was especially great to hear from all of you this week! Grandma and Grandpa wrote me as well. I will have to write them another week because this week I don`t have very much time today.
Before I forget again (I feel terrible) Happy Birthday to Dan and Kim! I`ve got to be the worst brother ever for forgetting like 2 weeks in a row. But I love you! Mom is right, 17 is really old, I can`t believe that Kim is 17 already. That makes me feel really old.
This week is change week also, but there isn`t really any big news. Elder Love and I will be staying together another change as zone leaders here in good ´ole Costa Bonita. The zone is having a lot of changes though and there will be lots of new missionaries in our zone.
This week has been really great. We have been seeing lots of great miracles with Juan and Victoria. I don`t remember how well I described Juan and Victoria last time. They are the couple that was the reference from the activity we did with President Callan. They are progressing really well and it has been an incredible testimony to me that God inspires his children to know who is prepared to receive the Gospel. 
Juan and Victoria met with missionaries before and were really close to getting baptized, but then they couldn`t get married because Victoria is under age. So Elder Love and I have been trying to figure out what we can do to help them get baptized. We called the judge that works with the mission and she told us about another option that we can do in order for them to get permission to get married. So we are trying to help them get all the things they need together in order to get the permission. 
We had a couple of really great lessons with them this week. On Tuesday I think it was, we taught the Restoration. They are reading the Book of Mormon every day and are really receptive and have lots of really good questions. This week we also talked about the Word of Wisdom because Juan smokes and has had trouble in quitting smoking. They committed to live the Word of Wisdom and he hasn`t smoked for about 4 or 5 days now. 
If all goes well, they could get baptized this week. We are praying a lot to receive God`s help. I know that he is preparing the way for them to fulfill his commandments, it really has been amazing to see their progress.
This past week we weren`t able to have the baptism for Alonso. The divorce papers still haven`t gone through. The lawyer says that any day it should be finalized. So we will just keep praying a lot for them. Other good news is that Daisy had the baby this week! They are already home from the hospital. We visited Alonso, Daisy, Elias, and the new baby yesterday and taught them a little bit. They have been through a lot of trials and are super faithful always. I`ve been very impressed and touched by their example of faith and perseverance.
Anyway, I love this work. I`m very grateful for the Spirit and the impressions of the Holy Ghost. Yesterday Elder Love and I gave talks in sacrament meeting and I chose to speak on following the impressions of the Spirit. I love the example of President Monson and how he is always so ready and willing to act on promptings of the Spirit. His talk in General Conference on Sunday morning was incredible. It`s so important to be worthy to receive the  impressions of the Spirit. 
Thanks for being so great. I really love you all. I hope you have a great week!

Elder Snow

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