Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, April 11, 2011

Más Tranquilo - April 11, 2011

Dear Family!

Thanks so much for your awesome letter! It really was a crazy week last week to get to conference but it was all so worth it! This week I have been trying to review my notes and think more about the conference so that I can gain more out of it. We have been able to apply many of the messages from the General Authorities with investigators and help them. I love to apply the general conference messages to myself as well as investigators, it always provides me with the testimony that their messages really are inspired from God and that these messages reflect God´s will for us in these moments.

You asked if that was my first time being to Ciudad Del Este. I´ve been probably 7 or 8 times now. In order to get to Santa Rita from Asunción, we have to go first to Ciudad Del Este, so the first time I went there was in December. The missionaries here in Santa Rita are really isolated, so whenever we have zone conferences or activities, we go there as well. We went there for the baptism guazu also. It´s always fun to go to Ciudad Del Este, until you have to cross a street. I fear for my life every time hah. It´s like playing on a freeway. It´s always nice to come back to Santa Rita, más tranquilo, as the Paraguayans say.

We have had a really great week. We´ve been working really hard to find new people and to prepare them for baptism.

Mom had asked about Hernán and Sandra. They haven´t really been keeping their commitments to go to church and she is too laid back about quitting smoking. I´ve been praying a lot for them lately and really know that they are among those chosen people that God has prepared. It´s just tough sometimes when they don´t do their part. It´s been a little difficult because they have some neighbors that are from another church that are putting a lot of negative thoughts in their head. We shared one lesson with them along with Izaías and Mirta. Mirta gave this awesome testimony about how happy they have been since their marriage and how they also had people who were putting negative thoughts in their heads but just decided to follow what the Spirit told them. But I really believe that we can do more and that they will be baptized one day.

This week we have also started visiting Rosa´s other son, Jorge. Rosa has two sons, Jorge and Gunter. You´ll remember Gunter who was baptized a couple of months ago. They are all doing very well. Koki (that´s what they call Jorge) was living at his dad´s house for a couple of months and just finally came home this week. He wasn´t baptized before with Gunter because he has some learning difficulties and there was the question of whether or not he needed to be baptized. On top of that, he wasn´t there very often so it was hard to talk with him. But he moved back this week and it seems like he´ll be there for a while. He understands the doctrine well and also understands the difference between right and wrong. We will need to work with him a bit, but he really wants to get baptized and we believe he´ll be able to. All three of them made the long walk to church yesterday (they are such studs, they walk like 45 minutes to church) and Rosa gave this incredible testimony. She shared a story about how when Koki was born, the doctors told her he would never walk or talk. She prayed so hard for the Lord´s help. She is a woman of really great faith. Long story short, Koki walks and talks and is such an awesome person.
I really love this Gospel. I know the church is true. Thank you so much for your testimonies and the support that you always have for me. I know that Christ directs this church.

I hope you have a great week!

Elder Snow

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