Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, July 9, 2012

Time Goes Flying By - July 9, 2110

Dear Family,
It was nice to hear the updates from the Utah trip. Sounds like you have been pretty busy all week with fun activities.

This week has been pretty crazy. The time goes flying by really fast as always.

The first few days this week we started the week really well, teaching a lot of lessons, finding new investigators, committing people to come to church. We have received a lot of help from a recent convert named Fagner.

Fagner is from Santa Rita. He was baptized in Santa Rita about a month ago but moved without ever getting confirmed. We found him here in Minga Guazú (a miracle) and helped him to get confirmed. This past week we worked with him a lot and went out teaching with him a couple of times. Yesterday he received the Aaronic Priesthood and was ordained a Priest. Fagner is 21 and has desires to serve a mission so we are helping him with that. Fagner was born in Paraguay but his parents are Brazilian so he speaks more Portuguese than Spanish. It´s fun because that gives me the opportunity to practice my Portuguese. Belleza pura! Haha
There is another really great member that helps us a lot. His name is Joel Morán. Joel is a returned missionary. He served in Uruguay about 5 years ago. His testimony always impresses me a lot. He has been through a lot of rough stuff since his mission but has stayed true to the church. Joel mentioned the other day that since the mission when he developed the habit to read the scriptures every day he has not lost that habit. Every day no matter what he reads a chapter from the Book of Mormon. I know that the small and simple things (reading the Book of Mormon every day for example) are what help us stay strong and true.
We had a couple of road blocks this week as well. My companion has had problems with several of his teeth. We are in Asunción right now actually. We had to take a midnight bus last night so that he could go to the dentist here in Asunción. We won´t get back to Minga Guazú until later tonight.

I was also a little bit sick over the weekend. Saturday I had a fever and it was kind of rough because that night it got really really cold and I couldn´t sleep very well. But now it seems like we have smooth sailing ahead. Hopefully we can just focus on the work and see lots of miracles.

Anyway, I love you all very much. I am grateful for your support and the love that you always give me. I know that this is the true church of God on Earth. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he is our Redeemer.


Elder Snow

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