Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Baptism of Jorge - April 15, 2012

Dear Family,
We have had a really exciting week here in Pilar. The baptism of Jorge went really well. His progression has been really neat to see. Elder Shaw and I found him really not too long ago. He was baptized I think a month to the day after we first met him. When we first talked with him about baptism, he was willing to be baptized if God answered his prayers, but didn't really want to accept a baptismal date. Through Marcos and Romina's help as well as the desires of Jorge to know the truth, Jorge was able to progress and really know the truth of the Gospel. Last week we went over the questions of the baptismal interview with him and he was able to answer every one fine. He only needed a stronger testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. By reading and praying, he was able to gain that testimony. A couple of days before his baptism, we were verifying his prayers and asking if he had received his answer. He mentioned that while he doesn't know everything, he felt that he needed to get baptized and that it was what God wanted of him.

Elder Ramos, Jorge and Elder Snow

Romina, Jorge and Marcos

We had the baptism on Saturday afternoon. Marcos (a returned missionary from our branch) is another friend of Jorge and was able to perform the ordinance. Romina gave a talk during the baptismal service and several other members came to the baptism to show their support. Jorge is a really great convert and will be able to do a lot for the church here in Pilar. He has been reading the Book of Mormon like crazy and his faith is growing a lot. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to change lives. I know that the Atonement is real and that our Savior lives.

Things are going really well with Elder Ramos, we get along really well and are both really focused on the work. We will see a lot of miracles together. There really aren´t that many cultural differences, at least while serving as missionaries. The Gospel that we teach together is the same everywhere so we always find lots in common.

Yesterday we were able to bring a couple of new investigators to church as well. Right next to the church (literally like 20 feet away) we are teaching a single mom (Zulma) and her daughter (Cintia). I had taught them one or two times with Elder Shaw and Zulma had seemed really great and we felt that she would progress. After that it was a little difficult to find her and she wasn´t keeping the appointments that we would set so we stopped visiting. Last week Elder Ramos and I decided to pass by again. Yesterday morning we were able to pass by with the Suarez family and that helped to resolve a couple of the doubts that Zulma had about church. So when the afternoon rolled around Zulma and Cintia both made it to church and had a really great time. Cintia was a little nervous at first in the primary but after a while made some friends and all was well. They want to come again next week. We are excited to see some more progress with them.

The other investigators that we had been teaching like Gricelda and her daughters and Yudy and her son didn´t make it to church yesterday. We will have to work a little bit harder with the members to get them to church. The time or two in going to church is always more difficult. But when we can get investigators to church, they feel the Spirit and they know that there is something special there.

Thank you for all of your love and support! Every Monday we get the encomienda with the written mail and it seems as if Elder Snow´s friends have forgotten about him, haha. But I don´t get depressed because I am grateful for a wonderful family that writes me every week and helps me to keep working hard. I love you all very much. I hope that you have a great week!


Elder Snow

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