Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, April 9, 2012

Ahh...So Much Food - April 9, 2012

Dear Family,
Before anything else, Happy Birthday this week to Steph!! I hope you have a great one. Love you!!

Wow it has been really great to hear from you all this week!! Haha it was fun to hear that you are keeping the Easter traditions alive. I definitely had a nice hungry feeling when Mom mentioned the Egg McMuffin thing that we would also prepare on Easter Morning. Haha, good times

Well it has been a really crazy week here as well! We have just been working harder than ever and seeing miracles from the Lord´s hand.

This past week was also change week. Elder Shaw and I weren´t really expecting a change, but the Assistants called us on Monday night to tell us that Elder Shaw would be leaving. On Tuesday Elder Shaw said goodbye to a lot of people and on Tuesday night we took off in a bus to Asunción. There I picked up my new companion... drum roll..... Elder Ramos!! He is really great. Elder Ramos is from Lima, Perú. I´m pretty glad, I had gone a while without a Latin companion and my Spanish was getting terrible haah. Elder Ramos has like 14 months in the mission and has been a zone leader for about 3 changes already. I am really excited to be with him, he teaches super well and really relates well to the people. I can tell that this will be a great companionship and that we will see lots of success together. Funny story, Elder Ramos is from the same stake in Perú as Elder Bazán, my companion from last year and they knew each other before the mission. Small world.

So on Wednesday I was on a bus pretty much all day going to Asunción and then heading back to Pilar. Thursday through yesterday, Sunday we worked really hard to make up for the time we lost and the Lord really blessed us so much. The week ended up well. Yesterday we didn´t have as many people in church as we were hoping for, but we still saw progress. Another new investigator made it to church for the first time yesterday. His name is Cesar. It is another reference from a member. He is the boyfriend of Lillian, a recent convert of about 6 months. Cesar and Lillian have been passing a lot of time with the Suarez family and the Suarez´s helped them a lot to make it to church yesterday. Lillian had been going a little less active but now is attending again.

Another great miracle from this week is with Jorge Jara. I had talked a little bit about him last week. He is the reference from the returned missionary named Romina. The members have continued helping a lot to fellowship him. After the conference last week, Romina and a couple other young adults invited him over to watch the Joseph Smith movie and he really liked it. Jorge has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying diligently to know the truth. He says that every time he feels more and more sure of the truth of it and more ready for his baptism. He has a baptismal date for this Saturday, the 14th and we are working really hard with him to help him be really prepared. I love finding sincere people who are looking for the truth. Jorge is a very sincere person that wants to do the Lord´s will. He will be a great leader in the church in the future.

I really enjoyed this past week. This year for the first time I really thought about the Savior a lot during this Easter Season. I am so grateful for the mission, in this time I have learned to really appreciate the sacrifice that He gave for us. I know that He lives and I know that he is our Savior.

Plus there is a lot to enjoy here in Paraguay during Easter. They call it the semana santa. Ahh so much food. The people are all super happy and nice and give us chipa, sopa paraguaya (my favorite) and all sorts of food. All week on the TV stations they play movies of Christ and of other Prophets and everyone spends lots of time with the family. Easter morning (Sunday) isn´t as big here. The biggest days are Thursday and Friday. It´s interesting to notice the difference in the culture.

Well I´m getting a little low on time. I love you all very much! Thanks for all of the support and love I hope you have a great week!


Elder Snow

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