Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sí o Sí - September 19, 2011

Dear Family!

Hey thanks for writing such a great email. I really appreciate your support and your love. The emails from home are also very upbeat and help me get excited to do missionary work during the week!
I especially appreciated Dad`s experience that he shared from his mission with the man that contacted him and was later baptized. I really loved to hear about how that man changed so much and how much the Gospel blessed him. It was a real spiritual boost! Hey Dad, you should share more of your mission experiences with me in emails, they are always so sweet and I love to hear them. Thanks for being awesome!
I got a letter from Michael Tavernier a couple of weeks ago and I wrote him back. It should be getting up to the US pretty soon here. If you see Michael, tell him I love him, he is a stud.

Anyway, it`s been a really good week here. We`ve been busy like crazy and running all over. We were able to find a couple of really golden people this week. Our problem is that we just can`t seem to get anyone to church! It`s been a little frustrating but we are determined to do better.
This week we found a man named Nicasio Bogarín. He is a little bit older, he is like 65. It was just a contact we did while he was working in his house. We started talking a little bit about the Book of Mormon. He had mild interest. Then we started mentioning a little about the Plan of Salvation and his interest picked up a lot more. He mentioned to us that his wife passed away several years ago and he has several questions that the Plan of Salvation answers. At the end of that first lesson, we did a kneeling prayer and he asked to know if the Book of Mormon is true. The Spirit totally hit Brother Bogarín in the face, he really felt it. He accepted to be baptized next month. We visited him a couple more times after that and he was progressing really well and we were really excited. On Sunday morning, he couldn`t make it to church. Satan was definitely working overtime on the weekend to keep our investigators from going to church. But we will win, sí o sí.
On Saturday, we participated in the Mormon Helping Hands world wide service project thingy with our stake. We went and fixed up and painted a house. I think it was like a day care type place, not sure I was just working hard and fine tuning my painting skills. I`m practically professional now. No big deal.

On Saturday night, we had a sweet baptism for Ivan. Ivan is the son of a member. He is only 8 years old, so it doesn`t count as a convert baptism, but the bishop asked us to prepare him some more for his baptism and to help out in the baptismal service. Ivan asked me to baptize him, so that was pretty cool. The Spirit was there and the entire family was reallly (- I didn`t mean to put three l`s, but I`m going to leave it for effect) happy.

This week I have decided to re-read the Book of Mormon again. We are getting really excited about the Book of Mormon here. Elder Love and I met with President Callan a couple of times this week and he is really excited about the Book of Mormon and re-focusing on it. We got the October Liahona early and the entire edition is on the Book of Mormon, it`s sweet. I`m so pumped. I love the Book of Mormon and we are going to share it with everybody! I have seen time and time again in my mission that the people that are most converted are the ones that read the Book of Mormon. The bishop of Costa Bonita and his family are reading the Book of Mormon over again and are focusing on reading every day. The bishop`s wife mentioned that there is more peace and that they can really feel a difference. It is so true! The Book of Mormon is the greatest.
Anyway, I love you all so much. I hope you have a great week!

Elder Snow

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