Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, September 5, 2011

I Love Being a Missionary! - September 5, 2011

Hey fam,

Thanks so much for the great email update. Haha mom thought I would be surprised at all the attention on the dog. I definitely was pretty surprised, coming from my mom that wouldn`t give in to years of begging to have a pet other than a gold fish. I think what surprised me most is that there was so much focus on the dog that there wasn`t even a boy scout reference! I was a little bit let down, but I think I`ll get over it. Haha, I sure do love all of you.

It was cool to hear from Dad about the areas that he served in. You said that you had a greeny companion in Zaragoza. Does that mean that you were training? Did you train one time in your mission? I would really love to train, I hope to get the chance some day.

You asked about the package with shoes in it, I haven`t gotten it yet but I`m sure that it will get here really soon. No worries, the fixed echoes are doing well enough.

This has been a pretty sweet week. We have really redoubled our efforts. Last week we ended on kind of a low note, so we did a special fast to know what we needed to do better. This week has been better and we have been finding some really awesome and prepared people. The hard work has paid off, there was a much better attendance at church and we were able to bring some really solid investigators to the sacrament meeting. So we are more excited and are looking forward to a few baptisms ths month.

On Thursday and Friday we did divisions with one of the district leaders in the zone so I went to another area to do divisions. It went really well. While I was gone, my companion was working in our area with the district leader`s companion and they found some super cool people. That brings me to a sweet story from this week that I would like to tell. On Friday, Elder Love and Elder Mower were here in Costa Bonita. They were going to visit a less active family. Elder Love said that he felt prompted to knock at a certain house. So they stopped there and knocked. A man answered and at first nothing really special happened. He answered that he was Catholic and that he wasn`t very interested, but he let them in anyway. So Elder love started speaking and they started talking a bit about the Book of Mormon. When Elder Love showed him a copy of the Book of Mormon, his attitude completely changed. He said "I have that book," then he went inside and came out with this old, super-used copy of the Book of Mormon. He told them that some women missionaries had visited him like 8 years ago and left him the Book of Mormon but never returned to visit him. He has been reading the Book of Mormon almost every day for like 8 years now and has a super strong testimony of it. He didn`t realize that the Book of Mormon was associated with a church in particular, so he had never arrived to the LDS church. Needless to say, he was pretty excited that the missionaries had found him. So he accepted a baptismal date for the 24th of this month.

Then on Saturday, we finished the divisions, and I came back to Costa Bonita. We went and visited the man (his name is Miguel Ángel, I don`t think I mentioned that yet) and he was really excited to go to church and everything. On Sunday morning, we passed by and took him to church. He was super willing to go even though he´d had to work a midnight shift and had barely gotten home like 2 hours before. So we went to church and he loved sacrament meeting. He was talking for a while about how at peace he felt and how beautiful everything was. He felt the Spirit super strong. He said he knows it`s true and wants to come every Sunday.

He is really excited to get baptized. He has some problems with drinking, but he really wants to quit and knows that he can do it. At church, he told us that we wants to change now. It was kind of funny, he had this long hair and he said that he felt like he should cut it because it felt like the right thing to do. So Elder Love offered to use his clippers to cut his hair and he was pretty excited. So we went over and cut his hair for him. I`ll have to send some pictures.

This story is just such a testimony to me that the Lord is preparing people. There are people out there that are so ready for the Gospel and we just need to work hard and follow the Spirit to find them.

I`m very grateful for the Gopsel, I know that it blesses and changes lives. I`m grateful for the blessing that Heavenly Father gave me to be born into a family that is centered on the Gospel. It has blessed me so much. It`s so rewarding to see those blessings in the lives of others. I love being a missionary!

Well, I love you all so much. We got changes this morning, Elder Love and I will be staying together in Costa Bonita. I`m really excited to stay and work more with Elder Love. He is a very hardworking and loving person. I have learned much from him.

I know the Church is true!!

Love ya,
Elder Snow

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  1. Hi, we are Elder Love's parents. Sam and Michell Love. Out of curiosity we thought let's check to see if Elder Snow has a blog. What a surprise to have found his blog. We are so exicted to read his letters. We would like to give Elder Love's mission site link. It also links you to other missionaries in the mission and the President's blog in case you do not have it already. Thanks for sharing and raising such a great missionary. We love his wonderful missionary spirit. The website link is www.missionsite.net/elderchandlerlove

    Sam & Michell Love