Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, March 28, 2011

We're All Smiles - March 28, 2011

Dear Family!

Thanks so much for your great letter. Sorry this letter is going to be really short because this computer has been sketching out really bad and I don´t have much time.

This has been another crazy/awesome week! On Saturday we had the baptism for Mariela, I don´t have pictures because my camera died that day just as we were about to take pictures, bummer. Maybe I´ll be able to mooch some from my companion this week and send you some next week. But it was a really great baptism! We had some more problems Saturday with the owner and the baptismal font so we ended up doing it in the kiddy pool again, which is kind of a head ache, but we had the baptism so we´re all smiles!

We're all smiles!  Mariela, Emerson, Mirta, Elder Bazán & Elder Snow

Mariela, Elder Bazán & Elder Snow

Also on Saturday, we had to move because we had to be out of the house by the next day. So on Saturday morning we were scrambling as fast a we could to move, then we had the baptism a little bit after that.

I can´t lie, you made me a little trunky with the mentioning of In-N-Out, we are about to go eat now and it doesn´t help that I´m hungry, haha. But 5 Guys is all the rage in Provo, so I´ve heard of that one. In-N-Out´s better hah.

Congrats mom for doing so awesome in the 10K. I was telling Elder Stewart and Elder Gleason (they are big time long distance runners) this week that you were prepping for it and were really excited, except I thought it was going to be a 5K, so needless to say I´m even more impressed. No way I could even run 6 miles, let alone in an hour.
There were lots of questions too, so I´ll go ahead and answer some of those:

So did they have to sit down in the pool and then lay back flat in order to get baptized?
Yeah, it was a little iffy but it worked out

Isn’t there a lake or something nearby that you can use for baptisms?On Saturday we went and looked at some rivers close by, but they were a little dirty/shallow so we decided to go with the kiddy pool. I know that they did baptisms here in a river before they got the pileta, but I´m not sure where they went.
So have you resolved what to do for future baptisms?
I think we are going to have to change the church location to somewhere we can use the pileta. We just finished moving houses and now we are looking to move the church, so it will probably be another few crazy weeks. But it will all be for the best
So as district leader, are you also responsible for organizing the sacrament meetings on Sundays since there are no ecclesiastical leaders in your area?  We do it together as the four missionaries in Santa Rita, so I was doing it a little before also.

What will it take before you can organize a branch there? 
We need a Branch President. Most of the members are recent converts so we haven´t quite arrived at that point yet. There are a couple of members that are members from a long time ago, we are working with them and hopefully we will have a branch here really soon. The members are so awesome, just a little young, but they are willing to work really hard because of the great testimonies they have received.
By the way, do you also play piano during your church meetings? Elder Snow was forced into retirement a little while ago, we´re rocking it a capella now. It sounds a lot better haha.

Sorry I´m out of time! I promise a really good letter next week. I´m doing really great here and love to hear from you! Thanks to all of you for being such great member missionaries! I love to hear your stories of sharing the gospel. Keep it up. I know the church is true. I love you all!

Elder Snow

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