Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Monday, November 22, 2010

Up and Down, But Good All Around - November 20, 2010

Dear Family,
As always it was really good to hear from everyone. The last couple of days have been up and down, but good all around. Juan Ramon wasn´t able to get baptized last week. He has somes doubts about needing to get baptized and also says that he doesn´t want to offend his family, which is very Catholic. We´ll continue to work with him and I know that he still has the opportunity to be baptized. I know that if he sincerely asks and really wants to receive the answer, Heavenly Father will give it to him.
Some of the pictures I sent were from members houses and I think I sent one from Cristian Silva´s baptism in front of the church a while ago. The members houses really varies greatly. In Paraguay there are lots of poor people, but lots of rich people. My area has both rich and poor ppl. There are a couple members that have really nice houses, like something normal you would see in the United States. The poorest people have basically shacks that are made out of wood and some metal sheets. One thing about the houses here is that no one has carpet. The only carpet I´ve seen since coming here was in the temple. But the members are all really great people. Most of the flooring is just like tile flooring.
The language is coming along well. Some people I can understand close to 100 percent. Others, I still struggle to understand. There are some people that speak really unclearly so sometimes it´s tough. When talking about the gospel it´s a lot easier though.
Sounds like you had a fun filled week with Harry Potter and what not. I thought it was funny when Dad said that he could take it or leave it. I guess the HP movies aren´t his fave.
I really liked the experience you shared about President Pace´s talk. It was really great to hear that you are trying to get involved in the missionary work. I´m very grateful for worthy parents that really love the Lord and want to help others. You are great examples to me. How is the Pace family doing?
Mom said that she didn´t know if it was a coincidence that Brother McArthur was in church on Sunday. You should read Elder Bednar´s talk from May of 2005. That´s the one where he talks about tender mercies and how he really believes that things happen that you could call coincidence, but really aren´t. The Lord blesses us in so many little ways, little pick me ups that help us to carry on. The Lord knows what we need and knows how to help us.
That´s awesome that Matt took the new job. It´ll be really cool to have them closer, huh? What do Tate and Addie think about the move? Are they excited? Tell them I say hi.
Everything in Paraguay is going well. It was rainy here the last couple days, sounds like it was rainy there too. But today is the hottest day I´ve had yet, I think summer is trying really hard to get started. So the rain is sometimes nice because it cools things down a bit. I´m very happy and grateful to be here. I´m learning to work hard and trust in the Lord.  I know this letter is short, but I love you all lots. Thanks for being awesome
Elder Snow

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