Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Friday, November 19, 2010

Birthday Just Like Any Other Day Here - November 18, 2010

Elder Snow, Elder Bonilla and one of the "really cool member families"

The other "really cool member family"
Elder Snow and Elder Bonilla
Dear Family! 

Long time, no talk. Sorry I forgot to mention in my last email that this week pday wouldn´t be until Thursday, but it sounds like you figured that out alright. So in the future if you don´t hear from me on a Monday and it seems like it´s about transfer time, that´s probrably what happened. 

I'm sending a couple more pictures this week. There are a couple pictures with some really cool member families, and then one last picture of Elder Bonilla and I before he left. Yes dad, I was a little bit taller than him haha. The Paraguayans are taller than I thought they would be. There are lots that are taller than me, but Eduardo is pretty tall for a Paragauyan. I´m about average height here.

Elder Bonilla left the area yesterday morning, he is flying home today. I will definitely miss him, he is a great guy and I really learned and grew from having him as my companion. He is going to email you some of the pictures he has that I´m in, I gave him the family email. My new companion´s name is Elder Ramirez. He is of Mexican descent but was born and grew up in Texas. His parents are both from Mexico so he speaks perfect Spanish and English. He has been out about 14 months and is a great elder. He really likes music. I have been very blessed with 3 great companions so far. I´m looking forward to working hard with Elder Ramirez this change.

We are working with Juan Ramón to prepare him for his baptismal date this Saturday. There are still several commandments we have to discuss so hopefully everything goes well. He is a great guy and does so much for other people. 

Another family we are talking with has a baptismal date for the 4th of December. His name is Germán, I´ll try to send a picture of their family in the future. His wife already received the answer that the church is true and she really wants the family to come to church. Hopefully they can make it this week, he works at a key copying shop and so he has to work a lot. Germán always has great questions and really likes what the church teaches.

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Vaccarello and Great Grandma Vac for the Birthday present!  I´m going to write them also, but Mom if you could let them know I´m writing them that would be great because it won´t get there for over a month. Just so they know it´s on its way.

Good work dad on having missionary experiences. Following the spirit is so important in everything we teach. Heavenly Father knows better than anyone what the people we teach need. We can also know exactly what it is they need if we are in tune with and following the Spirit. I´m very grateful to have worthy parents that are in tune with the Spirit. Mom and Dad, you guys are awesome.I love you lots.

My birthday went alright. I actually didn´t get a call from Sister Callan. The records say my birthday is on the 11th in stead of the 9th. I had this problem in the MTC too, so the record must be wrong. So I saw Sister Callen at the zone conference on the 10th and she said "are you excited for your birthday tomorrow" and I told her it was the day before. She felt really bad, but it wasn´t that big of a deal to me haha. She called me Thursday to make up for it haha. I actually forgot it was my birthday until about 9 that morning. It´s really just like any other day here. But it went well, so no worries. Thanks for the birthday card, I just got it a couple days ago. It made me laugh. I still haven´t gotten the birthday package, but I´m sure it will get here soon.

Well I´m running short on time, but I love you all lots. 
Elder Snow

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