Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 3 in Paraguay - August 11, 2012

View from hotel room at Hotel Casa Blanca in Ciudad del Este

View of hotel room

View of river from hotel grounds

Our third day in Paraguay started with a delicious breakfast in our hotel, which featured several typical Paraguayan foods.  Dave particularly liked the mbejú, made from almidón (corn starch), cheese and milk.

Dave enjoyed the mbejú
After we checked out of the hotel, we went to the Itaipu Dam, the biggest dam in the world. It was completed about 30 years ago by Brazil and Paraguay. It supplies most of Paraguay’s electricity. It spans the Paraná River between Paraguay and Brazil. We took a tour bus which drove us across the dam and back…so for about 5 minutes we were in Brazil (and that was without a visa!). Once the tour was completed we bought some souvenirs from some Guaraní Indians who were selling their hand crafts at the Itaipu Dam visitor center.

Right behind us are the overflow ramps from the resevoir at the top of the dam.
There wasn't any water being released while we were there.
In the background spanning arcross the top is the Itaipu Dam.
Resevoir overflow ramp

Bottom of ramp going into the Rio Paraná

We continued our souvenir shopping in the town center of Ciudad del Este.  I can’t reveal our purchases or it will ruin the surprise for a few of you.  However, Zach purchased a guampa and bombilla used to drink  tereré, a popular yerba drink in Paraguay.  We watched as the vender burned “Elder Snow” in the leather on the guampa.

Shopping in town center of Ciudad del Este

Elder Snow with his guampa and bombilla
We left Ciudad del Este for the final time and returned to Santa Rita to visit some more with the members.  We went to Rosa’s home and visited with her and her son Gunther.  I really enjoyed our visit with them.  Rosa is a very warm person and Gunther is a great young man. 
Elder Snow, Gunther, Rosa, Dave & Carrie
We also visited some more with Izaías, Mirta, their son, Emerson and Mariela, Mirta’s sister, who lives with them.  While there, Elders Ramos and de Silva stopped by.  Zach served with Elder Ramos in Pilar, so we were pleased to meet him.   The house that Izaías and Mirta live in, was built by Izaías.  He built the house while working at two different jobs as a baker and at the pizzeria.  I was impressed by his work ethic.

Elder Snow, Carrie, Dave, Izaías, Emerson, Mirta & Mariela
Elder de Silva & Elder Ramos (in back)
Zach also wanted to visit a few investigators, Hernán and Sandra.  Unfortunately, they were not at their house because their three year old daughter, Neyeli, was ill and at the hospital.  We visited them at the hospital.  I could not understand most of what was said during that visit, but I was touched by their love for their daughter.  After dinner in Santa Rita and our final wave at Santa Rita, we made the very long drive to Pilar.
Elder Snow with Neyeli, Sandra & Hernán
At the end of another long, but great day, I feel so much gratitude for the gospel.  I am impressed by the people in this country and their friendliness.  I am also impressed by the faith of the members here and their dedication to live the gospel.  I am reminded that wherever we live, we are all God’s children and we all basically want the same thing…peace and happiness for our families.

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