Elder Zachary Snow

Elder Zachary Snow

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas, Miracles & Sharing the Gospel - December 20, 2010

What´s up family!

Happy Birthday Melanie!

Good to hear from you all. I´ve had a good week and I´m looking forward to talking to all of you on Saturday!

Well it sounds like you all have been keeping busy. Also sound like you had a pretty awesome Christmas program! Our ward had a Christmas activity here this week also on Friday night. One of the sisters put together a choir and she really wanted us 4 missionaries to help out. Elder Ramirez and one of the zone leaders, Elder Phelps, that we live with are pretty musically talented. And then we had my stellar voice in there, so of course it all turned out great. Haha just kidding, but it did go well and the members seemed to enjoy it.

I liked dad´s spiritual thought about miracles not ceasing. That is a scripture that I have also shared several times here. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever and so if miracles stop, it´s because of our lack of faith and no fault on His part. One thing Elder Ramirez and I and the zone leaders were talking about this week is about how it seems that in past times such as the scriptures people were always have accounts of amazing experiences such as the brother of Jared and why we don´t hear so much about that now a days. We need to have faith like the people in the scriptures had. Sometimes it´s easy to forget God with how fast we move now and all the technology we have. That´s why it´s essential to focus on the small and simple things like President Uchtdorf talked about. I really the scripture in Alma 37 or somewhere around there that talks about how through small and simple things are great things brought to pass. That is so true. Sometimes we just have to slow ourselves down, focus on the important things, and have faith.

Also along the line of miracles, the Stake President here issued a challenge a couple of weeks ago to each of the members to find a miracle in the weeks leading up to Christmas. To share the gospel with everyone in order to see a miracle in the life of another. The Stake President here is an amazing man. I´ve been able to hear him speak in church a couple of times and it is so apparent how much he loves the people and loves to serve. There are some really remarkable members here and they are so full of love towards others.

Yesterday Elder Ramirez and I received a great reference from a member here, and she´s only 10 years old! She is this awesome girl who was baptized about a year ago. We always see here walking to church by herself and she is so dedicated in her faith. Yesterday in church, she came up to us and said she has been talking with her aunt and now her aunt wants to get to know the church. So we went and found the aunt and she told us how Sofia, that´s the 10 year old member´s name, has been going to her house and helping take care of the aunt´s three kids. And she always shares scriptures from the Book of Mormon and her Principles of the Gospel book. And now the aunt wants to come to church and talk with Elder Ramirez and I.

I know that there are people out there who are so prepared. I know that we can have the influence in the lives of others. Sofia´s awesome example reminded me of the importance of sharing the gospel with everyone, especially those important to us.

I´m about out of time, but I love you all very much and I am very excited to talk with all of you.

Elder Snow

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